Wednesday, January 10, 2018

'bout time

--and students, many others are also pushing for this change- not just :
AFSCME proposes amendment to expel UC Regents by two-thirds vote

-they have until Feb 16th to get a CA leg sponsor:

"...UC Student Regent Paul Monge said he thinks the amendment is necessary because the California Constitution lacks a formal process to remove UC Regents.

“Even a regent with proven misconduct could continue to serve on the board with impunity,” he said.

De los Angeles said the union received feedback from student leaders in November stating they were concerned about Pattiz remaining on the Board of Regents.

“Seeing the public outrage at Pattiz alongside everything going on in the nation, it seemed to us the path forward was to create a way to make this removal easier, ” he said.

AFSCME plans to sponsor the amendment and campaign for legislative support, de los Angeles said. Two-thirds of each house of the state legislature must propose that the amendment be included on a statewide ballot in order for California residents to vote on it.

“At the beginning of each (legislative session), assemblymen and senators pick their legislative packages,” de los Angeles said. “We are pushing our (legislative package) as one measure that legislators should consider.”

De los Angeles said that while ASFCME does not currently have a legislative author sponsoring this measure, they have until Feb. 16 to get a sponsor.

Monge said he thinks requiring two-thirds of both houses of the state legislature to approve removing a regent will ensure they are not removed for frivolous or unjustifiable reasons.

“It is in the public’s interest to ensure a legally recognized process for removing a regent,” he said."...

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