Thursday, January 18, 2018

More Title IX, DACA , tuition hikes, and Senior Management hires to fix problems made by senior management hires...


"WNBA All-Star guard Layshia Clarendon has filed a civil lawsuit against the regents of the University of California, alleging she was sexually assaulted by ... a longtime Cal-Berkeley athletic department employee.

The suit, filed Wednesday "...

And at SJ Merc:


(Likely a coincidence, but is there any relationship to uc regents chair Kieffer in this firm pick?):

Cal hires firm to assist in AD search

-Cal hires Witt/Kieffer to find our next athletic director

The campus coming to terms with? This:UC "Berkeley to pay $238M of Cal Athletics debt from stadium renovations"


The gov said tuition increase was not part of the deal, Chron says it was?:
"The tuition increase, roughly tied to the rate of inflation, is part an agreement between Napolitano and Brown, in which UC agreed to keep tuition flat between 2011 and 2016, in exchange for steady annual increases to UC’s state funding.
However, Napolitano ran afoul of the expectations of state lawmakers last year, when a state audit of her office revealed that she had kept $175 million socked away for pet UC projects and had not been disclosing the funding in her annual budget presentations to the regents.
Additionally, the auditor and an independent investigator found that Napolitano had improperly interfered in a portion of the state audit, rendering it useless, in hopes of making the president’s office appear to be doing a better job than it may have done. Ultimately, the regents admonished Napolitano and required her to apologize for the interference.
Last May, Brown withheld $50 million in state funding for UC until the university makes all the fiscal repairs the auditor recommended. It is going through that process now.
Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, was one of the state lawmakers who called for the original audit. On Wednesday, he criticized the tuition proposal.
“I understand UC needs a long-term fee strategy, but UC always seems to go to the students first rather than take a hard look at creating more efficiencies,” he told The Chronicle. “If the UC president’s office had not tampered with the state audit, perhaps we could have identified administrative efficiencies to help fund UC.”

In the retelling of the above scandal they frequently leave out the part where UC Regents,even in the midst of all of it, increased UCOP funding, see: "UC Regents approved presidents budget, question constitutionality..."
"fees from each campus, giving it complete discretion on how those funds were spent. Now state lawmakers will have more control of those funds.

Increased legislative oversight was one of the recommendations that came out of a damning state audit of the office’s budget practices released in April. It found that the Office of the President had “amassed substantial reserve funds, used misleading budgeting practices, provided its employees with generous salaries and atypical benefits, and failed to satisfactorily justify its spending on systemwide initiatives.”

At Thursday’s meeting, board chair George Kieffer said he agreed with much of what State Auditor Elaine Howle found in her audit, but singled out the Legislature taking direct control of state funding as a “troubling incursion into the board’s authority.” He and other regents questioned the constitutionality of the move and warned that it could lead to further direct control of the university.

“This is an erosion of our autonomy,” Regent Hadi Makarechian said. “We need to preserve our rights. If we continue with this precedent, next time we may get into the chancellors’ budgets.”

Kieffer said the university has asked outside counsel to weigh in on the constitutionality of the move. The change is authorized only for one year, but Los Angeles state Sen. Ed Hernandez has introduced a constitutional amendment that would enshrine stricter legislative control over the UC system in the state’s constitution.

Kieffer said the university brought some of these issues on itself with its previous lax budget practices and that it must communicate better with state lawmakers to improve things.

“I hope by doing our jobs right, this will be a onetime occurrence,” Kieffer said. “Because if it’s not, we’ve got a problem.”





Former uc regent Ruiz writes this on a wish for a central cal pick for UC regent:

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