Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Napolitano warns on DACA, students warn on their housing


A piece on UC Davis student housing:

Includes: "The affordability factor is a problem.

At that meeting in April, Sara Williams, then a fourth-year student and the Chair of the ASUCD External Affairs Commission, noted that she has four jobs to pay her rent. Others aren’t so lucky, living on the couches of their friends or in their cars because they cannot afford the cost of rent.

Then are the nightmares for both renters and neighbors of absentee landlords and substandard conditions including lack of air conditioning, heat, and even electricity – and until the city passed the rental inspection ordinance, there was a lack of an enforcement mechanism to ensure that student renters are not being taken advantage of.

Following this meeting, the Vanguard reached out to the university and met with three students last May – Daniel Nagey is an ASUCD Senator, Sara Williams is the External Affairs Commission Chair, and Georgia Savage is the Director of the Office of Advocacy and Student Representation (OASR).

One of the questions was – what do the students want?" And ...

Is housing the real issue at UCSC?:

And Hechinger with:
OPINION: Is college worth it? Students can learn to calculate the payoff

This comes up in gubernatorial race:
"Do only a fraction of California’s Latino and black students go to four-year colleges?"

"n both cases, he repeated the assertion that "only 13 percent" are "going to a four-year college," a figure that caught our attention.

We wondered: Are four-year college participation rates for Latino and African American students really this low?

Complicating our research is the fact that there’s no comprehensive survey of all California high school graduates about their college plans. Nor are they all tracked as they move through the higher education system in this state or others. Without a way to know where all high school graduates end up, we turned to college enrollment data to give us the next-best picture."...

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