Friday, January 12, 2018

'S*** holes for all', more on Piketty

"Congress Changed 529 College Savings Plans, And Now States Are Nervous" includes:

" to cover tuition not only at colleges and universities, but also at private elementary and high schools. That's a big, sudden expansion, and it has some experts worried."
..."The real benefit, according to the state experts and independent economists NPR interviewed for this story, is for affluent families — many of whom already have kids in private K-12 schools"...
Remaking the University's cnewf tweeted out this link:

..."moral here is pretty obvious: being born into wealth is a far better choice than working hard at some stupid series of jobs.

This is especially true in contemporary America.

Median wage in constant 2017 dollars:

1990: $27,468

2016: $30,533

Total increase in median wage, 1990-2016: 11.16%

Total increase in S&P 500 average, adjusted for inflation, January 1990 – present: 305.6%"

It is related to this new assessment of Piketty research on income inequality, see:
..."After compiling this first-of-its-kind data set, Jordà's team makes a startling conclusion: If anything, Piketty's book underestimates the historical rate of return on wealth. “The same fact reported [by Piketty] holds true for more countries and more years, and more dramatically,” the researchers conclude."...

One more thing : this alternative view:

The guv received services at UCSF, friends with certain regents tied to interests there, and his health sec is partner of a retired former UCOP exec:

A faculty take on his legacy:


the students and staff likely more concerned with this topic
that is the issue for them, right now

Ironic that the latest chatter on counter celebrity pol opposition in a far off pres election comes from one of the most expensive towns in CA now hit by climate change related disasters...

-- what about the CA gubernatorial race?

One -INO can be the same as the other side's -INO

Born into wealth or not, celebrities or not, state or national - the successful candidate is gonna have to tackle the above, and that's some pretty heavy lifting...

That famous quote:
"In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Is it even about words anymore -or deeds now?

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