Saturday, January 6, 2018

Transfer admissions coverage...

Here is an earlier story on transfer admissions at some UC campuses':

"Rise in transfer application a 'sigh of relief' for UC Santa Cruz"

"Both UCSC and UC Riverside were unable to meet the mandated ratio with their fall class, possibly jeopardizing the funding, according to state officials. UC Merced also had fewer than one transfer enrollee for every two freshmen, but the campus was exempted from the requirement.

Demonstrating a good-faith effort to make up for the shortfall has been a priority for the campus, Hughey said, and seeing the applications rise is a sign its efforts are proving effective.

“Having this gives me more clear data backing up my confidence that we had a good plan for getting to two to one,” Hughey said.

But Hughey cautioned that a large pool of applicants makes hitting the transfer ratio possible, not guaranteed."

LAT this week with this take on it icymi:
"UC Santa Cruz has offerings far beyond hippies and banana slugs. So why can't it draw more transfer students?"

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