Monday, March 26, 2018

Double Hel(l)IX-ed at Berkeley and in Oz

First read this in Daily Cal to understand the basics on the latest UC Berkeley Title IX case:
UC Berkeley statistics professor allegedly sexually harassed postdoctoral researcher

Then, to understand it better see this in-depth report that offers exclnt analysis and interviews on it. It also details the most bizarre ad hoc 'on the fly' policy approach to the subject, along with academics' important and sometimes strange comments interspersed,as well-- read in full the transcript at Australian Broadcasting Network:
"A standard deviation: Sexual harassment in Australian science"
-or, you can just listen to the podcast--but you likely will need to go to the transcript b/c you'll be saying to yourself over and over 'did I hear that right?'
Then read the comments section here, too:

- along with the cray cray lack of uniform policy on it in Oz -important to remember it's two years on and still waiting on Berkeley for a conclusion...

On another case at Cal:
Dismissed+Settlement= Cleared for UC Regents?

More interviewing in friendly silicon valley centric circles:
If You’re Not Doing Something About It, You’re Part of the Problem’
Valley legend Reid Hoffman in conversation with policy legend Janet Napolitano

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