Friday, March 2, 2018

On IX- “It’s in their interest to make these cases go away.”

Listen to, see: Feds Find UC Berkeley Botched Some Sexual Harassment Complaints

..."Before the #MeToo movement, college students were promoting a new standard of conduct on college campuses with the Yes Means Yes Campaign to"
Now another seems to also involve complicated details:
Then, :

"If a complainant — who was a student at the time — is no longer enrolled at UC Berkeley, then the case will remain closed, according to campus spokesperson Janet Gilmore. If, however, the student is currently enrolled, and the campus determines that further action is necessary, then it “could...

Meghan Warner, a UC Berkeley alumna and one of the 31 initial complainants, said that disregarding cases that were “mishandled” is a “serious problem,” especially if the respondent is a faculty or staff member who is still affiliated with the campus.

..."Sofie Karasek, a UC Berkeley alumna and another initial complainant, echoed Warner’s sentiments, alleging that the respondent could still pose a risk to students on campus and that the complainant should be “notified of what’s happening in their own cases.”

“Even with changes to the policy, there is a fundamental problem in that the (campus) has a conflict of interest with its own students — they want to protect themselves from legal liability,” Karasek alleged. “It’s in their interest to make these cases go away.”"...

Part of UC lobbying for $?:

UC system's global rankings slip amid funding cuts, international competition
Los Angeles Times
- a London based firm found London based institutions should rank higher...
Some kind of awkward pics from this important effort outta UCSC (awkward cuz in report on a state audit released details emerged that Blumenthal and at least a couple other UC Chancellors claimed certain event occurred akin to intimidation from specifically Nap. And UCOP on state audit survey tampering etc, which then led to discussion of chilling effect in several follow up hearings, meetings) and now he and Napolitano now in photo op on:

And don't miss:

And then there's:

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