Friday, March 23, 2018

Rejection letters from UC to CA effects,, IX and VII, and Funding for UC in gubernatorial race, more

First, do you remember it this way?:

Regent gets regional: A Q&A with UC Regents chair George Kieffer

DC: Can you comment on the allegations against former regent Norman Pattiz?

GK: This was a new issue for us — something being brought to public attention outside the Board of Regents. Honestly we had not ever addressed that before. That was something we had to deal with on a policy basis. … It put us in a situation where we have a regent denying what has been said, a newspaper saying something and a reaction from the public and students saying that we should take action. Our view was we needed to let this play out in court, rather than force some action by Pattiz. … He planned to resign rather than being forced to resign. My sense was this was a decision that he should make, that he probably would make, that he did make. From the outside, it was more simple than what it was in reality."...

- also see there his comments on the work on appointing new UC Regents to the existing 4 vacancies.

At UCSD they have this blunt fact in a rather shocking new report on UC workforce numbers:

"UC Employs Predominantly White Men"

On admissions decisions on CA residents, this Op Ed:
UC needs to be transparent about who gets in

Then this report on impact of student admissions decisions on CA residents:
Students Rejected From A UC Or CSU Are Leaving California In Droves — And May never Come Back


Gavin Newsom says increased higher education spending should be top priority in California budget talks to avoid tuition hikes

Surprisingly, the Leite-Fleming sexual harassment cases at Berkeley are coming up again in this new turn of events- in brief abstract here:
The new VC admin at Cal on:

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