Monday, March 19, 2018

So 'Stormy', and 'the common good', more

- that ol' song lyric 'bring back that sunny day'...

"Education Dept. Stops Providing Details on Resolved Title IX Cases"
The Chronicle of Higher Education

..."For instance, the website does not identify which investigations have been resolved with each update. It also does not identify the manner in which those investigations were resolved, or the findings of those cases (that is, whether a college was found to have violated Title IX).

According to a Chronicle analysis of changes in the new site, the civil-rights office has opened four ... investigations and resolved 24 others since mid-January."...

UCLA student wins sexual misconduct claim against professor

UCLA professor accused of sexual harassment loses job


It began as a claimed academic inquiry- now 'professor class' on opposite sides of it:


Then this profile includes:

..."Brown took office in the midst of a recession. He believed that no public institution should be exempt from budget cuts, including some that his father had helped to build. When University of California officials resisted, he said that they had an “edifice complex.” Gardels recalled that David Saxon, the university’s president from 1975 to 1983, once told him, “Reagan distrusted public institutions. Jerry Brown distrusted all institutions.” Tony Kline, a friend of Brown’s from Yale, who was his legal-affairs secretary in his first two terms, said, “There is an ascetic aspect to him that is very genuine. He was quoting E. F. Schumacher”—the German economist, who had recently published a best-selling treatise on sustainable development—“talking about lowering expectations, driving around in his blue Plymouth. I think his message of ‘Small is beautiful’ did not really resonate in 1975, but "...


The Common Good Former Clinton administration Labor Secretary Robert Reich talked at Harvard about the economic and social cycles societies experience and their effect on the common good.

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