Friday, April 13, 2018

Talk about it, but don't cover it fully-.or somethin' like that...And-UPDATE-the UC Regents April 17-19 Retreat

See: "New 'Nation at Risk' Would Start with 'Dear American People: Wake Up,' Janet Napolitano Says in Reagan Institute Panel With Condoleezza Rice"

..."If “A Nation at Risk,” the landmark report that launched the modern education reform movement 35 years ago, came out today, it would get a far different — and more polarized — reception, education leaders said Thursday.
“Each [political party] would take different lessons or have different prescriptions, when in fact, what we need is a national unity of effort that’s effectuated at the local level,” said Janet Napolitano, the former homeland security secretary and current president of the University of California system.
Napolitano spoke with former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice at the first panel of the Reagan Institute Summit on Education, a daylong event celebrating the anniversary of “A Nation at Risk.” Romy Drucker, co-founder and CEO of The 74, moderated the discussion"...

..."“It is a real challenge in this time to really educate young people in that way and to foster that sense of civic engagement,” Napolitano said....

..."A new “Nation at Risk” report, Napolitano said, would start with “Dear American people: Wake up.”
The country must understand that the very idea of American democracy is at risk because of political polarization, she said.
“One of the central parts of resolving that is to make sure our young people can reach their full potential through getting a quality education, whatever their passions are,” she said."...

The story above includes a YouTube clip in it- but that vid is not the Napolitano-Rice conversation, comments, only the still photo there is...

The host organization itself, for some odd reason did NOT post either Napolitano nor Rice comments as archive of the event which was part of the Panel #1- but former Ed Secretaries Bennett and Duncan and every other panel is included in the archive here:

- you also may want to note the sponsorship disclaimers throughout that event coverage, as well as in the article itself, and the fact that a key member of their leadership moved over to FB to try to decipher fake from real news coverage for them etc, with that in mind now consider:

Neither Rice, a former Stanford provost, nor Napolitano, who sought a UC Berkeley faculty slot upon hire as UC pres, took up any discussion or questions around this at UC Berkeley nor this exchange from earlier in the week where this comes up:

..."SEN. MARIA CANTWELL (D-WASH): Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Welcome Mr. Zuckerberg.

Do you know who Palantir is?


CANTWELL: Some people refer to them as a Stanford Analytica. Do you agree?"...

LA Times again on ...UC Berkeley, but this time with regard to State leg:

"Those bloody clashes at UC Berkeley put Democrats and Republicans in the Capitol at odds over free speech"
Los Angeles Times

Those hearings were not highlighted by msm, but they are floating around here:
Gets into:
AB-2041 University of California: Office of the Chief Investment Officer. Caballero Assembly - Appropriations
AB-2081 Postsecondary education: Campus Free Speech Act. Melendez Assembly - Failed Passage in Committee
AB-2202 University of California: school of medicine."

While we're at it , there was extensive discussion of somewhat strange (read the description in the agenda there) UC relationship to UC Hastings:

And CA fin aid and UC here:

And UC PATH is changing it's name a bit while putting out positive spin
"UC President Napolitano Celebrated the Launch of FOM|UCPath at UC Riverside"

...Avoiding a total cost of project true number- components like recruitment, performance Management not included yet, among other things...

And still leaving folks anxious:

And then there's:

UCB expects to fully deploy Promapp’s software by the first week in April, with initial results anticipated by the end of 2018. In addition, UCB hopes to collaborate with peers at Michigan State University, which began using Promapp’s BPM tool in late 2017 to streamline business processes and capture day-to-day operational information in a standardized format."’s-BPM-Software

Can it fix the Title IX case management issues?



This li'l update:

The UC Regents are on retreat April 17-19

April 17th:
Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2
Challenges, Change, and Changes on the Horizon
Appreciative Inquiry Regarding the University of California

April 18th
Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2
Comments of the Chair of the Board
University of California’s Financial Model
University of California’s Research Enterprise
Partnership of the Regents and Chancellors
Summary of the Day
7:15 p.m.1
A National Perspective

April 19th

Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2
Implicit Bias
The Role of a Regent
Regent Engagement
Reflections and Look Ahead

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