Wednesday, April 18, 2018

UC Berkeley to reduce 100 staff positions, more

They put that detail way down 'below the fold' here
..."Reduction in staff positions

It has become clear through this process that in order to reach our budget targets we must take the painful measure to reduce the number of staff positions in our organization. Those reductions, numbering just over 100 positions"

- if you read some of the administrative moves that still need to be fully implemented you could feel yourself regressing back to the start of Op Ex and campus shared services initiative when they were 'just launching, not fully implemented ' on the exact same work at that time as well...

Other items around concern UC med...

Daily Bruin recently with this:
..."“UCLA is protecting those who bring in grant money at UCLA,” he said. “The doctor who was harassing had a lot of trial work with pharmaceutical companies and brought a lot of money in.”

Shegerian said he thinks UCLA has little financial incentive to appropriately address such complaints, since the money it loses in such settlements is significantly less than the amount it receives from retaining lucrative professionals.

“UCLA advertises gleefully on its website that (the) David Geffen (School of Medicine) brings in billions of dollars that dwarfs something like a $13 million settlement,” Shegerian said. “Furthermore, they hire the best lawyers, and rarely does the plaintiff have the conviction, courage and financial strength to go to court.”...
- that article doesn't make real clear the case and what transpired, so see also:

- an emphasis in that coverage on high $ on Geffen med , one can drift to thoughts of..and other notables - wondering if UC compensation chair regent Sherman has ever sailed?...

There, btw, is also now UC faculty concern about the legitimacy of the process for systemwide review of UC retirement benefits policies:

Then there's this strange story out of UCSD


This also curious event :
described as: "ASU Now will be covering this week's ASU + GSV Summit in San Diego, an event that started in 2010 with a collaboration between Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley that attracts more than 4,000 leaders from across the learning and talent spectrum and serves as a platform for elevating dialogue about raising education and career outcomes through scaled innovation."
- a UC Regent participated in

Some coverage here:

..."Some speakers noted that colleges have a long history of adopting (and co-opting) innovative practices from outside the traditional academy. That includes the growing number of online programs offered by private and public universities, which they learned from for-profit colleges and MOOC providers.
A high-profile example on display here is the move by California's community college system to create a statewide fully online institution that will issue only nondegree credentials aimed at working adults. The college also will be competency based. The system's chancellor, Eloy Ortiz Oakley, described the plan during a session with Michael Crow, Arizona State's president.
“We’ll see higher education transform the way we did,” said Jonathan Lau, the vice president and general manager of skills at Cengage Learning."...

-does UC or CA go into other states to hold Higher Ed symposia?


UC Regent Newsom on higher education funding:..."On some differences Newsom was more blunt. Asked about the rising cost of public higher education in the state, Newsom laid the blame squarely on “withering state funds.” And, by extension, the governor.

“I would significantly increase the investment in higher education and, by the way, the governor could do that,” he said. “With all due respect, we have the resources today to do that.”"...

-some talk of folks running for lt gov for that UC regent ex officio slot esp.?...

Gov Brown in DC ,guess not at the UC Regents retreat in Arrowhead, see his DC press club appearance here from Tues:

At Berkeley student fees have increased due to commitment to student counseling services, health, food initiatives see:

The chancellor keeps highlighting her interest in expanding student dorms:

While at the same time this happens:

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