Tuesday, April 3, 2018

UC Regent Reiss and, Other Update on UC Regents

As mentioned earlier, and now this with more details:
"Governor’s advisory committee convenes to help select new UC regents"

- some wonder why the delay in announcement of this committee convened:

"How "robust" is a meeting that occurs on March 12 and is reported on April 2?"

One is reminded that
The Gov recently lost his long term top aide to cancer,
when reading this sad news on UC Regent Reiss, from LA Times:
"A family spokesman said she was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. Reiss was 62."
She,too, also served as an aide to another Gov.
Noted here her absence from UC Regents meetings over the last year, and wondered when she would return- thought maybe she was busy on USC biz and stumbled onto:
this:last Fall, but -note- a different person but noticed how funny the many similarities in common,
So, had to do a 'double take' on today's news.
When the regents did finally briefly address her absence in Governance committee -seemed like they were upbeat in hopes of her return after an extended leave of absence to recover -perhaps some were surprised by this turn of events as well- wouldn't be unusual as these things go...

Here is Napolitano's statement:

UC statement on passing of UC Regent Bonnie Reiss | University of California

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