Tuesday, April 24, 2018

UC Regents chair Kieffer's comments. Cal Chancellor's comments. Five UC presidents offer panel discussion on UC issues - and staff write a PR blurb as coverage of it.

See: http://triton.news/2018/04/uc-regents-chair-one-student-regent-enough/

..."While discussing student advocacy on the Board of Regents, The Triton’s News Editor Gabriel Schneider asked how many students Regent Kieffer felt would be appropriate to have on the Board of Regents. Kieffer said that he feels only one voice is needed for the Regents to hear the students’ voice.

“We have one Student Regent, one Student Regent Designate, one Advisor, “ Kieffer stated. “I think we get a pretty good take on what the student opinion is.”

Currently, the Board has one student out of 26 voting members and two students that serve in non-voting roles.

“This [the Board of Regents] is not a representative government. The interests are not the students that are here today,” Kieffer said. “It’s the students who graduated, it’s the students who are gonna come in the future, it’s the research enterprise, it’s the economic enterprise, it’s a long-term view on the health and welfare of the university.”...

- and more hot topics nuggets there.

So, Christ's staff schedule her to give this talk after the 'last day of instruction'
And they can't decide if they should emphasize 'the culture has to change' or the 'I like hard problems' quote- sigh...


At least they felt the Cal Chancellor's comments, content- deserved to be, was worthy of public archive for UC community:

Because five UC presidents' comments were apparently deemed unworthy of a public archive:
Just a 1 minute 36 second PR vid and a PR write-up by staff...
And same here:
That's five UC presidents' , four former and one current...
- not even the title as 'new'...

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