Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Four UC Regents Confirmed., and -DACA coverage, ex officio UC regent vying, more...



Prof. Wendy Brown commencement address: "What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In?"

Also there a piece on
"Governor Brown Renews His Commitment to Educational Decline"

On "Crowded, crumbling classrooms—will one-time cash infusion be enough to fix the University of California?"



That ex officio UC Regent slot that comes with it:
'Lite Guv' no more: California candidates spending millions that gets no respect -
San Francisco Chronicle

Was anyone aware of this meeting that was scheduled in the midst of a major UC Strike -And commencement exercises preps? -was it scheduled at this time for that very reason? Was the opposition acknowledged- or not?
On May 2nd the CA Senate Rules committee new chair Atkins (replaced De La Pena) held the confirmation hearings for the four unconfirmed UC regents:

And here's how that went -- it runs about one hour of questions for the four regents appointees- and then 20 minutes of public comment:

- not many folks ( no one ) noticed it or wrote about it in their coverage...some student representation comes up in public comment at the end and received some odd feedback from the chair...the student was responded to as a student specimen of UC rather than as a student citizen or in a student rep gov capacity with her comments directly addressed... - there was no panel for those in opposition or to give background context for UC stakeholders with interests outside the lobbying and UCOP management circle.
Other things that came up
Anguiano comments on the need for faculty to be the designers of better systemwide initiatives,etc
Students, taxpayers as the customers in higher Ed

Gruber comments on 'best in breed' categories
Innovative-disruptors-efficiencies repetition, pithy quotables
Tauscher 'be transformative or be disrupted'
That committee didn't ask Tauscher about her views on Title IX
UC 'retreats' for the purpose of building relationships between regents and Chancellors off the grid
Park on Free speech and modeling debate best practices
And lots more euphemisms,subtext on online instruction revenue generation quotes by all throughout...
Atkins mentioned UC Regents appointed as symbols of Brown legacy...


What is going on with listing some former UC regents like this:
- while avoiding listing other former regents in the same way?

What comes with being listed emeriti? Perks?

And what's up with:
..."Some changes are being made in conferrral of emeriti status to senior managers, generally making the eligibility rules easier to fulfill. See:"

See in full here:

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