Thursday, May 3, 2018

Title IX and that CSA - UC Dance

The "First UC System-Wide Title IX Coordinator Resigns"
-BTW , it's kinda weird that UC did not announce this- they still have yet to send out announcement on it- and it only comes up in an interview with a single campus student newspaper --when this involves a system wide position that UCOP said was critically important system-wide..
Now consider this:
2017-125 - University of California Office of the President (UCOP)—Sexual Harassment Cases
Est. Release Date: June 2018
-- it would seem likely now that the findings are either 'can't be good' or 'very bad'...just a hunch

As in other CSA reports on UC there is a common practice, pattern
where about a month before the report is released the CSA sends its findings to UCOP and the UC Regents for review and comment and then they give CSA communication akin to rebuttal etc
So, if that timeline holds true in this case...
And we recall the UCOP chief compliance and audit officer and some of her staff left just before last year's CSA report released last year on UCOP...they left behind a slam memo of CSA though on their way out.
For more on that from April 2017 see:

(BTW Oakland headquarters came up as part of the resignation explanation along with the spend time with family reason...
At the last UC Regents board meeting -held at UCLA-regent M made the comment that 'Oakland is not such a nice place' as part of the discussion rationale for compensation decisions on UCOP exec packages...
There was little pushback to that comment but then Regent M was a no show at the next day of UC regent board meeting session, he did have a number of agenda items on his plate that day, so...)

Some news outlets are delayed in covering it but this is trickling in:

State auditor says UC missed deadline to fix problems found in year-old probe
San Francisco Chronicle

On the strike:


The UC Berkeley administration releases this report after the students are away studying for finals or heading out:

But Chancellor Christ will be making the rounds at Aspen Ideas Fest in June to discuss it...

- ugh

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