Friday, June 29, 2018

Higher Ed,- Trust- and Title IX Failures, and other things...

Some reading:

"Acclaimed UC Irvine geneticist resigns after committing sexual harassment"
Los Angeles Times


UC MED Promise comes up in :
- Gray, BTW, headed up one of the first JLAC hearings on Title IX and UC -long before Napolitano arrived- (her staff lately seem to be trying to frame her *via occasional friendly op ed incomplete retelling in the usual spots * as the first UC president to see the 'problem' but the actual history says different, the problems were identified and discussed long before her arrival... it is more a question of which UC president actually can get assist from the regents to compel the academic senate to tackle the problems "best" as seen and experienced from all perspectives...or to make clear to the academic senate that it is in it's own interests to start doing so...imo)
UCOP CIO personnel moves:


Cal Chancellor on trust and higher ed at this Aspen Ideas fest talk:

Also there was:

Higher Ed, trust in the space of this:


There's also:

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