Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Important things come up in UCOP 'op-ed, panelist,, podcast, rinse- repeat ' cycle

See: "Prospering with an affordable college education"
By Janet Napolitano

There's a response to it from Cato Higher Ed:

"Contra University Of California, Higher Ed Needs Less Federal Money" at


Then,'Cross-border' collaboration: Higher education leaders talk climate change"


And, Politico on:

"Napolitano on family separations: 'I don't know how this could be justified either legally or morally’
The former Homeland Security secretary called Trump’s zero-tolerance policies ‘cruel’ and a ‘misallocation’ of resources ."

At Daily Nexus this in depth article includes some important proposed changes:

"Title IX Policy Changes Proposed by UCOP
A UCSB graduate student representative for the UC Title IX Student Advisory Board presented a series of proposed UC Title IX policy "

..."also being modified to explain the role of the allowed “support person” and advisor during proceedings as well as trying to limit the role lawyers have previously played."...

This one at IHE quick takes :

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