Friday, August 31, 2018

UC's Housing Crisis- UC Santa Cruz edition

The if 'we didn't build it but they're coming model' getting coverage:

- some of the faculty and many staff have their own issues with it, yet:ñnnssors-staff-rent-students

It's gettin' lots of coverage...

If you wanna check out the situation at UC Davis check out this in depth article, part of a series:
Students Push Back against Litigation Holding Up Housing Projects


Can't miss:
Cal Poly students came up with an idea to lower textbook costs. It was just signed into law



Wednesday, August 29, 2018

New UC Regent Now Also CalPERS CFO


..."Cohen, Gov. Jerry Brown’s top budget officer since 2013 until he resigned last week, will join CalPERS on Oct. 1. He also was appointed by Brown this month to join the University of California Board of Regents."...

See also

Newsom: “You can make a life without getting a UC degree. You can make a life without getting a degree, period.


We need to treat people that don’t go to college a lot better as well in this country,” said Newsom, a member of the University of California Board of Regents. “You can make a life without getting a UC degree. You can make a life without getting a degree, period. I think Democrats need to be a little more respectful to folks that may not think like you and me. And so I think this is on us, not just them."


And, there's also this UC Davis this story:

"Did UC Davis Health manager secretly record worker conversations? Officials say no".

"Employees in the hospital’s respiratory care unit said they want to know who had access to the video and how long taping had occurred. They said neither they nor their union representatives were given an opportunity to examine the camera or the SIM card."...

.."had been in place for 15 to 16 months"..."Management is not taking this matter seriously enough, said employees who contacted The Bee. They said they would like to see an independent investigation "..

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Reasons UC Librarians are in a fight with UC for their academic freedom


As we think about this it might be good to remember that,as mentioned earlier, at the last UC regents meeting in opening full board session public comment: the secretary to the UC regents, who graduated from UC Berkeley MLIS master's program, heard from some UC librarians a commendation to the history of the UC Regent Secretary position as "The First librarian of the UC system"status-- yet, we see with regularity that the regents meeting archive is maintained in a manner where- some if it is scrubbed, purged after one year for no good reason, committee meetings are noticed in a manner where many feel they are left out of the loop etc- just to be clear that has more to do with the regents than the secretary......

So, that's one top position in the professional trajectory at UC to think on...
Here is another:
And keep in mind that the article is about the outward facing working title:
- but it appears in the comp data recent report that the title internally is a "policy analyst" title, so... which rrole gets the academic freedom? Both, neither?

And those top positions come with six figure salaries, the regents secretary position makes $250,000. and perks. Most of the librarians are living this type of existence though:

Yes, it 'would be shameful if OP', but in some respects, key instances OP behavior- where positive spin PR' is the goal above all else,even over open exchange of facts- is similar to this:

Consider the tapping down of open discussion from the UC academic Senate on issues raised in coverage here:

While at the same time UC continues this: "UC Berkeley on Twitter: "Watch LIVE on Facebook now:… "
Twitter › UCBerkeley › status
Aug 20, 2018 · Official account of the University of California, Berkeley, the premier public institution of higher .... @UCBerkeley Chancellor Carol Christ is kicking off a “back to school” press conference on campus"

Consider also that UC major HRIS vendor tied to early efforts on this:

Librarians, not all, but those allowed to advance professionally and with academic freedom can speak to all of this in a way the Senate hasn't and in a way that the senior management group can't- but they need academic freedom to do so.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Graduate Students and Title IX with Humanities funding thrown in, and other update


Humanities Graduate Education After Avital Ronell"

Then see:


"Student Loan Watchdog Quits, Saying Trump Administration Is Harming Students"


On Title IX How is it different from UC staff And UC undergrad versions? And why?
".The establishment of a joint labor-management committee on sexual harassment issues and training, giving academic student employees a voice on this important issue"

UC reaches multiyear contract with UAW for UC’s academic student employees
UC Office of the President

Monday, August 27, 2018

The University of California has reached a four-year contract with the United Auto Workers concerning UC’s academic student employees, recognizing their significant contributions to the university’s teaching mission and undergraduate education.

“Academic student employees play a crucial role in supporting faculty, lecturers, other staff and fellow UC students,” said UC’s Vice President of Human Resources Dwaine B. Duckett. “This agreement underscores the university’s appreciation for their hard work and dedication.”

Among the highlights of the systemwide agreement:

Annual wage increases of 3 percent for the next four years

A one-time payment of $100 for every eligible employee

A child care subsidy of $3,300 per year

$300 annually for campus fee remission, starting in January 2019 (as a new benefit)

The establishment of a joint labor-management committee on sexual harassment issues and training, giving academic student employees a voice on this important issue

Provisions that provide enhanced support with respect to disabilities, lactation and immigration issues

There are nearly 12,000 academic student employees at UC, including graduate student instructors, teaching fellows and tutors across the nine undergraduate campuses.

, There was a July deadline for this high profile UCSC case , but none of the conclusion has been announced??...
..."the protest was winding down at about 10 a.m., the UAW members discussed protesting again July 30, when findings from the Title IX investigation
... will be released
, "...
And, once again, more details here:

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Napolitano rejects, and more

..."UC President Janet Napolitano has announced that the UC system will not sever ties "...

Also: "California Senate Kills Bill to Extend Cal Grant to Summer Classes"

A time's up on Cal's handling of IX at :

At the same time, according to this UCSB article, there is apparently a request from UCOP for students feedback on this new policy revision

BTW at the July UC Regents meeting there was this:

Some of that effort stems from: this still unresolved matter.


During the July regents public engagement committee meeting there was presentation on student advocacy efforts included detail that at least one student failed a course as a result of the advocacy efforts, this article details out the efforts and costs

Also at that same July regents meeting in public comment some UC librarians told the regents and their staff that the secretary to the regents is historically the 'first librarian of the UC system', now see:
...on that August 23 UC Regents committee meeting...unknown whether or not it happened or was rescheduled, nothing up on the regents pages about it even though they said at their last meeting it was scheduled...

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Post fab shiny same ol'?

More IX at Berkeley:

Also see: ..."When is sexual misconduct ‘severe’ or ‘pervasive’ enough for UC?
In one department, numerous graduate students have filed complaints against a fellow student. But UC officials have not seen those as evidence of “pervasive” sexual harassment.

UC Berkeley has a problem with patterns."

And also related to it is what Daily Cal noted and highlighted in this: ..."The report did not include data on the demographics of employees." - which would mean an underreporting or poorer quality of data than in recent prior years of reports (i.e. Yudof years)?


BTW, on architecture and planning see:
Prefab housing complex for UC Berkeley students goes up in four days

Another IX with some trickle back to Cal indirectly:

Some new details in:

Berkeley claiming an existential crisis if Sacto doesn't give more money, no surprise:self serving white paper , or?
...."After years of sagging funding and rising enrollment, the University of California system is nearing a “tipping point” where it cannot continue to grow with California’s population and labor needs without seeking new revenues and state reinvestment, according to a new report from UC Berkeley’s Center for Studies of Higher Education."...

Some flashback on the $60 tuition roll back celebration, see archive:
- former student regent Stein called it "unseemly" at the time...
New content at Remaking:

"Faculty Need do Better Than This"

Friday, August 17, 2018

UC 2017 comp report released today

UC announced today they've updated, released this:

2017 Annual Report on Employee Compensation
On Aug. 17, 2018, the University of California released the following information and analysis about the compensation paid to UC employees in calendar year 2017.


Some journals and news outlets do their own analysis  of what UC has- so will add in that coverage below later.

Here is an article from Time magazine on the general topic:

And LA Times:

They didn't deal with it then, or then, or then... they're tryin' to deal with it!

You might've missed the presentation to the UC regents at their July meeting on the non resident enrollment experience, during that presentation UCM Chancellor Leland mentioned that UC Merced was created for the purposes of enrolling a higher intake of resident Californians on that particular campus."I have a campus that was built primarily to serve in state students"...

It was a remarkable statement because remember just a few short years ago that statement was refuted by UC when some in Sacto thought the very same thing

Without missing a beat, when chancellor Leland made that statement regent Ortiz-Oakley said ' all of our campuses were built to do that" i.e. built for the purposes of admitting Californians...
And Leland replies to him "yeah, well"...and goes on to other comments she wants to make.

- and in fact in this July 2018 presentation once again some of the UC regents mention that time, that audit and their current views about how that audit misconstrued admissions at UC, and newspapers miscunstrued regents comments about it and on, and on- that UC regents told folks it was fake news to believe CA residents were being routed to admissions at UCM and other campuses instead of their first choices, top UC campus picks.

You can watch the exchange at :Academic and Student Affairs Committee, July 18

At the time mark: 1:52:00

The entire presentation runs from 58:00 thru 1:57:00

In light of the exchange you might also want to check out this latest:
New buildings light up campus as UC Merced completes first phase of 2020"

It includes brief interview with Leland and Napolitano.


Chancellor Christ also made interesting comments at that same July presentation about how she believes that the state should pay for full scholarship packages for international admissions while ducking questions around how CA residents afford UC- but she was happy to detail out her view of a CA population that does not travel abroad enough and that int'l UC students make CA residents attending UC more worldly or sophisticated or educated or somethin' - as though the CA population itself is not intrinsically international in many ways- even though we all know it to be so.-you can watch her comments in full here:Academic and Student Affairs Committee, July 18

Christ comments on that at the time mark: 1:02:45
Some of the regents pointed out the shortcomings on some of her arguments- they pointed out the lack of geographical and economic diversity in the international applicant pool, and something like 60% of enrolled international students come from just one country, and more...
Odd it seems she does not consider interactions with non UC international CA population as something UC students interact with already and benefit from(??)...

We recall here that UCB and UCLA admitted fewer Californians this year.

It was a strange presentation also because the regent who specifically requested the item was former student regent Monge but his term ended in June, apparently the UC regents could not manage to schedule his item for discussion during his term, he was not part of the presentation in July.

Chancellor Christ also did not explain how she could come up with $30 million for softball and volleyball courts during that meeting

but did not manage to...still has not put in place the necessary database management, systems, and appropriate archiving practices on Title IX cases even after UCB was on non compliance watch by the DOEd for years and years?? The existing systems at Berkeley come up short and inadequate in the details in this CSA report released in the middle of Summer June 2018. includes over and over:..."we found that of the 10 campuses, only Berkeley’s database was not complete in two instances. However, these errors and the others that we found indicate that the university’s complaints data contains some unreliable information that can limit the university’s ability to identify sexual harassment trends."...

She has been serving as provost or higher since 2016.

Wonder if any of it will come up in her press conference on Monday Aug 20?

• An update on UC Berkeley’s progress closing its budget deficit
• An introduction of new leadership
• Plans for transforming undergraduate education to meet 21st century needs
• Efforts to improve diversity and inclusion among students, staff and faculty
• Free speech at UC Berkeley

She seems eager to raise wedge issue of free speech again ...

Here's another of those 'reads like prepped and ready to go spin PR' pieces to go along with the event:


The UC Irvine Chancellor Gilman brought up Berkeley alot in this June 2018 DC talk:

Does he wish he was at Berkeley, too?

It's tough to get all caught up all at once - but it seems those are the key issues showing up yet again...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

UC Regents August 23 Meeting

In the immediate last post there are links to the working group/subcommittee on compensation meeting that took place August 14th.

At the meeting it was made clear that the efforts at UCOP will also branch out systemwide, 'Career Tracks' project was detailed out, and there is the possibility of ripple effects for the larger groups...with that in mind some other notes

During the public comment of the meeting the sole two audience members from student org UCSA made some comment about the lack of notice of the meeting for students and asked the regents couldn't the regents or UCOP create a list serve or an alert that a UC Regents meeting is scheduled- which once again received no response from the regents nor their secretary chief of staff- this is a frequently asked question over the past decade from students and faculty and staff alike and it is now happening more frequently on these off cyle committee meetings - people ask for a way to opt in to a reminder or alert that tells them of these UC Regents meetings and the complaint goes in the regents ears and out the staff to the regents ears...
The posting of the August 14 meeting was sudden.

Which leads to a second note:
At the tail end, last two minutes of this same UC Regents meeting Napolitano pushes for a vote on approval of the methodology to narrow the salary margin while at the same time build in this year's merit increase raises adjustments.
She is reminded by the general counsel that the meeting was 'notice'-ed as a Discussion= not voting meeting and that it was not 'notice' -ed an Action = Vote meeting
It seemed a strange thing to have to remind a UC president of...
Then the chair of the committee Tauscher,who was phoning in, said that they could go forward when they meet again on August 23rd.
The UC Regents still have not posted that August 23rd meeting on their pages.
Even once they do notice the agenda items they routinely do not make clear that there are akin to 'satellite hubs' to participate in the meeting e.g in this latest meeting Tauscher made it seem as though she was participating from OP, so presumably those who wanted to attend this meeting in the north could have done so at OP- but the regents don't make that clear in their meeting materials, pages. At other times the meeting locations include global resorts and hotels that the regents are staying at during their vacation or personal business travel which also is a concern and confusing to new audiences.

The lack of ten day notice of agendas...
The UC regents post that they notice their agenda ten days in advance of their full board meetings,and they've even begun to shave that ten days down to eight or nine days in some instances lately... but they are even that much more sloppy(?) about how they let folks know about their working group subcommittee meetings.

This aberrant short notice is now regular with these off cycle UC Regents committee meetings now taking place predominantly at UCLA with southern CA based regents sitting at the table and other regents teleconferencing in from abroad etc (with sometimes their other outside advisors at the Regents table but no CV or bio bib for the outside advisors, just abbreviated names listed at the bottom of a committee members list..)

This particular committee is under a deadline to prepare action items for the full UC Regents board to vote on at their late September meeting to be held at UCLA- they need to complete a deadline that comes up in October as a result of that CSA audit findings report.

At that late September meeting the full UC Regents board is going to receive materials from this working group committee but the full board may not be aware that the committee conducted it's working group meetings as the equivalent of a foodie fusion truck 'pop up' event - but even foodies get better advance notice...
Or, the full board for instance, may not know that the student regent D. Graves asked if staff had been consulted or offered an opportunity to give feedback and was told by the UCOP senior staff HR's Duckett working on this project that "no"- no opportunity for staff feedback was provided up to this late point. It is an extremely complex topic for employees to address either individually or as a group no doubt. The top of the ladder senior management have control of the project but those who are on the lower rungs of the unrepresented staff population may not be aware of the full implications...
If the senior management now cobble together some missive to appear to request feed back they will be requesting it at the very busiest point in the academic year for staff to draft some sort of response...
It is ironic b/c
Part of the negative coverage of UC in that very same CSA audit was UC failure to consult stakeholders on such matters and here we are yet again...

The full board should start demanding a date stamp appear on regents web oages when these meetings are posted and when posted with active links to the agenda items/ as notice of agendas. Until then regents individually should start making clear their stance on how they want to notice of their off cycle/ sub committee /working groups etc to occur.. Because now it is clear that even when the *UC regents Chair, Vice chair, their gen counsel,and secretary chief of staff all in attendance at this August 14 meeting* and all are on record as knowing that they will be meeting on action items- as is the case with this August 23 meeting- they will not even then notice the meetings asap for community members such as staff, students, faculty etc timely- even when they know they are going to vote on an action item on August 23rd. That seems a tactic.

Should it be a surprise?

There's a university to run. Has it all been adequately delegated away?


BTW Napolitano continues her moderator interview electives at the club...

Monday, August 13, 2018

UC Regents meeting August 14 on Discussion of Plan for Narrowing UCOP Non-Represented Staff Salary Ranges

(BTW or FYI: This is also the month when this is updated with 2017 numbers: )
You can watch archive of the 1.5 hour meeting here:
Also listed here:

UC Regents meetings August 14:

August 14, 2018

9:30 pmWorking Group on UC Office of the no Salary Ranges (open session - includes public comment session)

Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2 (20 minutes)
1 Discussion Discussion of Plan for Narrowing University of California Office of
the President Non-Represented Staff Salary Ranges
Working group membership: Regents Elliott, Graves, Lansing, Makarechian, Napolitano, Pérez,
Sherman, and Tauscher (Chair

UC Regents meeting on UC Med Heath committee

You can view the archive of this meeting here:

Also listed at:


August 14, 2018
12:15 pm

Health Services Committee (closed session)

Agenda – Closed Session
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of June 5, 2018
H1(X) Discussion UC Health Litigation Update

Committee membership: Regents Blum, Lansing (Chair), Makarechian, Sherman (Vice
Chair), and Zettel; Ex officio members Brown, Kieffer, and
Napolitano; Executive Vice President Stobo, Chancellors Block
and Hawgood; Advisory members Goldfarb, Hernández, Hetts, and

Upon adjournment of closed session
Health Services Committee (open session - includes public comment session)

Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2 (20 minutes)
Action Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of June 5, 2018
H2 Discussion Remarks of the Executive Vice President – UC Health
H3 Discussion Update on Student Health and Counseling and UC Student
Health Insurance Plan

H4 Discussion Licensing Intellectual Property for Underserved Populations
H5 Discussion UC Office of the President Restructuring Effort: UC
Health Advisory Committee Update
H6 Action Amendments to the Clinical Enterprise Management Recognition Plan
H7 Discussion Clinical Quality Dashboard for University of California

---- has not updated the regents page with the new appointments yet, unclear if the will sit in on the meetings on the 14th...

UC and WB , and another story on criticism of new online in CA

UC refused comment on it? Or, just opted on a 'no comment'?
On this hour long primetime show that aired last Friday night about UC:


There's also:

..."Two of FLOW’s severest critics are University of California, Santa Barbara professor and education author Christopher Newfield, and researcher Cameron Sublett, an associate professor of education at Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology. Earlier this year, in a paper published by Inside Higher Ed, the pair disaggregated the numbers provided by the CCC’s chancellor’s office to starkly illuminate the deficiencies of moving face-to-face classroom learning online for students of color.

“When we did that, you find that the stories that the chancellor’s office is telling us are not accurate,” Sublett explained to Capital & Main"...