Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Emphasis on Education as Ex Officio UC Regents sworn into office

Some new ex officio UC Regents take office - See:


Governors and California’s independently elected lieutenant governors “don’t always see eye to eye,” Newsom noted.

“That’s about to change,” Newsom said.
and work to expand access to public universities, calling it the “the best way to address our rapidly changing digital economy.” UC President Janet Napolitano was in the audience.


“Pay no attention to the critics who say the job has no influence,” Davis said when asked what advice he would offer to Kounalakis.

Davis suggested that she use her position as a UC regent and CSU trustee and work at each campus to “help solve their problems.” In most cities, Davis noted, the colleges are the most important economic engines in most cities where they’re located.

Importantly, students, faculty, administrators, university donors and alumni vote. That can be useful for, say, a future political campaign.

-- it might also be noted that her spouse also has higher education efforts of his own that may come up along the way,.
They are both Cal alums.

Thurmond also:

"Now Thurmond has the challenge of using a high profile position that has few actual powers to help improve the improving academic outcomes — and by extension the life prospects — of millions of California children."


"We’ve got to change the narrative of education in this state and in this country,” Thurmond said. “There’s no reason for the fifth-wealthiest economy in the world to be 45th or 46th in per-pupil spending"


Gavin Newsom is expected to unveil his first governor’s budget on Thursday.

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