Monday, January 7, 2019

Gubernatorial vision of a non data driven online?, and a cynical uninspired UC Regent appointment?

The long non farewell, pieces outside of CA (NYT) talking about what Brown meant for CA as Gov can be found- if you're into that there's a plethora right now. The real in depth CA based analysis though is going to take some time. On education there's this piece where a pro online instruction governor pushes against being data driven - online instruction is nothing if not data driven *,good quality data or bad quality data GIGO garbage in garbage out* but the contradiction 'anti data but pro online' is not addressed in the piece -so prepare for head scratching:

"Consistent to the end, Jerry Brown says it's all about teachers and students
He describes his signature Local Control Funding Formula as "a major milestone."

..."Always provocative, Brown repeated his disdain for an excessive focus on data, and argued against more controls over charter schools.

These are both areas where incoming Governor Gavin Newsom has pledged to take a different approach.

During his governorship, Brown has come under pressure from advocates and researchers to set up a data system that tracks students from the K-12 schools into college and the workplace. But he has resisted by refusing to allocate funds to do so.

Newsom, by contrast, has said it is “profoundly important” to improve California’s data systems, and pledged during his campaign to “connect our early childhood, K-12 and higher education data systems to improve student outcomes.”

Brown continued to dissent until the very end.

“Where do we want to start? At birth , I guess? Get their profile into the computer then make them follow them for the rest of their lives?”

There was, he said, “a eugenics, totalitarian aspect” to this effort to track children from birth — implying that it was comparable to what is being done in some of the provinces in China.

He allowed that some data collection is justified. “But not all data, not data über alles.”

“There is the ever-present tendency here in the State Capitol to adopt the corporate notion that if you want to do anything you have to measure it,” he said.

As he has done throughout his governorship, he returned to what he thinks is the key to a good education: the relationship between the teacher and student.

“I think the emphasis on the teacher and the living role that they encounter in the classroom is most important, as opposed to this obsession with more and more metrics, collected over more and more years, to attempt to shape policy but which in many cases do not.”

He pushed back against the notion that just because the state is giving schools money, that schools should provide more and more data to show how they are spending it, and to show they are getting results.

“That is a Leninist concept at heart, and I am going to have to stand against the drift here,” he said. “Let us go back to Matthew Arnold and figure out what beauty, and truth and friendship and mentoring. These are all real things.”

--But what did former Gov Brown really dislike about things like CPEC?
Has Brown been misunderstood or changed his mind on pushing online instruction?


More and more, this UC Regent pick is coming across as an uninspired and cynical 'just favoring pol donors' choice as a last gubernatorial act directed at UC.

Read these items where UC Regent Guber's relationship with newly appointed but not confirmed UC Regent Sures comes up - along with Sony dealings, and even his ties to Trump related Scaramucci and Avenatti comes up:

(And this post mentions a mediaite listing of ' most influential, powerful' without mentioning client Abrams created mediaite...)

And this post , with multiple updates include questions around newly appointed but not confirmed UC Regents Sures role in the Kelly-NBC- Sexual harassment-Racial insensitivity incidents, --in his pursuit of a client and then concerns around what issue really prompted the decision to suddenly drop the courting' of that client, see:

Yes, an alum of UCLA , yes his relationship to some UCLA centric Regents, yes his board service at a section of UCLA med- but alot of highly political baggage and moves that raise questions on Title IX and other hot button issues for UC.

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