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Unsure of Sures - More opposition to UC Regent appointed as Regents increase the confusion

Just as there are all sorts of differing conclusions over who may become the next UCLA basketball coach and whether or not it will require confirmation approval:

"UCLA Regents Wouldn't Approve Rick Pitino For Coaching Vacancy; Attorney Defends Pitino"
Forbes, BTW, there are no constitutionally  appointed 'UCLA Regents'

UCLA Hoops Vacancy Will Probably Not Require Approval by the UC Regents
Bruins Nation


So to with the latest UC Regents appointment itself.
Which regent is replacing which former Regent?!

Will the abbreviated term for Sures be so short that it will not go through the confirmation process?

Regents need to clarify and state when, why abbreviated terms for UC Regents  occur and who is replacing who at the time of appointment announcement and maintain that info on their pages.  For example, Estolano replaced who? Who replaced Lozano? Who replaced Pattiz?


..."There has been no Valley representation since Ruiz’s term elapsed in 2016. He is best known as the founder of Dinuba-based Ruiz Foods.

Sures will fulfill the remaining year of Bonnie Reiss’s term through March 1, 2020. Reiss died of cancer on April 2, 2018."

...“The San Joaquin Valley has not had a Regent since 2016,” said Democratic Assemblyman Adam Gray of Merced. “The 26-member Board is already brimming with representatives from Los Angeles and the Bay Area, but despite nine different opportunities to correct this lapse, Governor Brown has failed to act.

“I have personally spoken to Governor Brown about what I hoped was his unintentional prejudice, but last week’s appointment of yet another Los Angeles regent tells me he was not listening. It’s downright offensive that despite hosting a UC campus in Merced, the governor refuses to allow a San Joaquin Valley resident on the Board.

“I am optimistic that Governor Newsom is committed to representing all of California and will provide the Valley a voice on the Board of Regents as soon as a vacancy makes that possible.”
...Board All Northern, Southern California

The UC board consists of 26 members, 18 whom are selected by the governor for 12-year terms.

Brown appointed or re-appointed 14 of those members. All but two are Democrats (Golden State Warriors owner Peter Guber and CalPERS CFO Michael Cohen are no party preference).

Of the 18, 13 are from the southern California and San Diego areas; five are from northern California (San Francisco, Sacramento).

Sures, co-president of United Talent Agency, will join others with Hollywood connections.

Regents Guber and Sherry Lansing also have backgrounds in the entertainment industry.

Other board members took more traditional routes to power: They are lawyers, financiers, or former elected officials.

Richard Blum, a billionaire financier, is also Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s husband. John Pérez is the former Assembly speaker.

Newsom Has Future Picks

Throughout his campaign, newly sworn-in Gov. Gavin Newsom indicated the Valley needs more representation on the UC and CSU college boards. However, in a post-election Fresno appearance, Newsom seemed to backtrack, saying many constituencies feel left out.

“There are probably two dozen other groups that also feel like they are not represented — the Asian community, African-American community, and geographic parts of the state — the Inland Empire, the northern part of the state that feel underrepresentation. So the challenge for me is, when you get one appointment over a two-year period, you can’t solve for all of that,” Newsom said on Dec. 7.

In the next four years, six UC regent terms will expire, including four selections made by the state’s last Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sures will be a short-timer. His term and that of retired real estate developer Hadi Makarechian expire next year. Two more follow in 2021 and 2022.
Current UC Board of Regents


"Gov. Brown Appoints New UC Regent, Sparks Concern About Diversity of Board | The Daily Nexus

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