Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Additional UC Regents Meeting January 17th

Example 1:

2015: $419,000.
2016: $426,000.
2017: $433,000.
2018: n/a

Example #2:

2015: $275,000.
2016: $355,000.
2017: $375,000.
2018 n/a

Example #3

2015 n/a
2016 $216,000.
2017 $238,000.
2018 n/a

Example #4

2016 n/a
2017 $117,000.
2018 n/a

Example #5

2015 $215,000.
2016 $237,000.
2017 $248,000.
2018 n/a

Above are some of the salaries listed in UC's annual report (released each August with data from the prior year) for some of the UCOP senior administration staff members who sat at the regents table and gave presentations to the regents in a UCOP response to thet regents on the CSA findings in it's audit report that was published April 2017 with hearings in Sacramento and discussion and action items at , in particular, the May and July UC Regents meetings held in 2017 and then iteratively since then. Also, keep in mind that the senior managers listed as examples above appear to now have significantly increased their support staff in each of their " immediate offices" since 2017, each immediate office with its own org chart,. So, new hires to support them in addition to the healthy salary increases since the negative report on UCOP budget practices came out in April 2017. At the time the report came out several of these senior administratiors claimed the excuse that they were relatively new hires so they could not be expected to know the intricacies of the UC budget along with some other excuses like bad budgeting software etc The news coverage at that time resulted in justifiably bad press for UC ( a couple of newspapers got cute with their headlines and tried to tilt things either pro UC or anti UC without really using the facts and language contained in the actual audit report itself - so keep that in mind if you peruse old articles from that time covering it etc)

We point the above out to consider as the UC Regents now announce this new UC Regents meeting:


January 17 - Working Group on UC Office of the President Salary Ranges

January 17, 2019

Upon adjournment of the Board meetingWorking Group on UC Office of the President Salary Ranges (open session - includes public comment session)
Times indicated and order of business subject to change

Agenda – Open Session
Public Comment Period2 (20 minutes)
1 Discussion Discussion of Plan for Narrowing University of California Office of 
the President Non-Represented Staff Salary Ranges

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