Thursday, January 10, 2019

UC $393 million ( $200 m of that in ongoing) in Gov's Budget

Breaking, notes on Gov budget press conference:
$1.3 billion in higher education overall

CSU gets $562m with $222m as one time
An  8% increase

CA Community colleges
Complicated but $401m
Yr 1 and 2 free
And DACA legal support program similar to UC.
Newsom also mentioned changes to Cal grant grant progran to increase support for students who pay childcare - increase from $1648 To up to $6000.


UC 's $393m  with $200m of that in ongoing which is a 6.9% increase

Gov Newsom mentioned the drop out rate at UC he said the rate was troubling to him
And Newsom mentioned  that UC extension could help with it and stated $15 million as tied to that effort, to get degree completion for those folk who are shy a few credits.
Newsom also mentioned that a portion of prop 56 money is no longer being used for a portion of UC funding because there was complaint about that in prior budget.

Here is a reminder of the wish list from the three segments:
"California’s community college system is requesting $488 million in extra funding from the state for the 2019-2020 budget year, aimed in part to improve graduation and transfer rates. The CSU Board of Trustees wants an increase of $456 million in its 2019-20 budget, including funds to enroll 18,000 additional California residents. Similarly, UC regents are seeking a $376 million increase in state general revenue funding,"


The overall budget is $144 billion

Or $209 billion according to LA Times:

"Newsom unveils a $209-billion budget to boost schools and healthcare and fight poverty"

You can watch the governor's presentation on all of this at Cal Channel:

Or find it in Cal Channel archive here

Will post additional coverage on this item here in this post- as it relates to higher education. And a link to transcript, if available.
"UC Board of Regents Chair George Kieffer and UC President Janet Napolitano today (Jan. 10) issued the following statement on Gov. Newsom’s budget plan:

The University of California appreciates the substantial investment in higher education within Gov. Newsom’s budget, which proposes a funding increase of $240 million in ongoing funds to our core educational budget along with one-time funding of $153 million for other pressing needs. We are pleased the governor has affirmed his commitment to not only the university, but also the students and families across California who rely on adequate state investment in the outstanding education at UC.

Gov. Newsom’s budget represents a welcome step and a solid down payment in addressing priorities of the university’s 2019-20 budget plan. These funds help further the academic mission of the university, from student success to classroom upgrades, financial aid to timely graduations. The governor has also proposed ongoing funding for UC’s important efforts in gun violence research and the provision of legal services for undocumented students, in addition to enhanced Cal Grant awards for students who are parents.

The university looks forward to working with the governor and the Legislature to address our priorities, including the ambitious goal of awarding 200,000 more degrees by 2030, and to maintain the academic and research excellence of UC."

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