Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The State of THIS Union...


University of California staff researchers opt to form a union, joining postdocs | Science

..."The illogic of gaining experience and responsibility while losing pay and fringe benefits she had as a “trainee” ... A number “are also bringing in grant money” as principal investigators on their own grants.

If successful, the new unit would be, to our knowledge, the first exclusively for scientists in a status that, Priest believes, doesn’t get “the attention or respect that it deserves.” But, like many unionization efforts before it, the academic researchers are currently locked in a bureaucratic back-and-forth with an employer that appears reluctant to recognize a new bargaining unit.

..."The UC administration, however, has raised objections. As a result, PERB has not yet granted the group final certification. According to the ARU website, the administration stated that it “reasonably doubts the appropriateness of the proposed unit.” When asked, UC did not provide Science Careers a specific explanation of its basis for objecting."...

"UC postdocs, for example, receive 12 sick days a year that become available at the start of work. Academic researchers with full-time appointments, on the other hand, accrue 1 day of sick leave per month and may only use the sick days they have accrued. Those appointed for more than half time but less than full time accrue only at a prorated rate. Postdocs, per their negotiated contract, can only be fired for “just cause” and can only be laid off for lack of funds and with 30 days written notice. Academic researchers, however, are at-will employees who can be fired or disciplined for a range of reasons and without notice. As a result, academic researchers often feel “a lot of instability,” Priest says.

Despite the general enthusiasm for union representation, “actually contacting everybody was the challenge,” Priest says. That’s because the potential union members work in many different fields, functions, and places—labs, offices, off-campus field stations, and even research boats—across the various schools and campuses that make up the university system, and with no network that connected all or even most of them. The term “academic researcher” was not widely used at UC before the organizing effort. As the postdoc union did for postdocs a decade ago, the new unit would help to establish identity and solidarity for a group not previously accustomed to having them."



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