Sunday, February 24, 2019

The UC Academic Senate has oversight of curriculum and academic events

And the senior academic Senate members maintain more control over the Senate , newer members have less control
And recall :

..."Fifty-four percent of undergraduate students are female and yet two-thirds of those who govern our higher education system are male. Only 7 of the 26 members of the University of California board of regents are women.

Your study shows that for women, tenure is a major hurdle.

If you look at the UC system, only 33 percent of tenured faculty are women."

- so the blame for instances of unequal rules on participation at conferences falls on the ...

Keep the above in mind as you delve into the boneheaded:

"Can the University of California bar males from presenting research."

- the pieces end talking about how Khosla could intercede 'if he himself weren't also 'banned' from presenting ', but they maybe either don't know or forget to mention he is currently under review on a topic that may not play in well to this conference 'misstep', and he also may have other things on his plate...

--even with high hopes about new hiring processes e.g. 'cluster hires' etc - the 'old guard' will still exert more influence for years to come...

And for more descriptive on the 'faculty cluster hiring' approach see this recent talk with Chancellor C.Christ and EVCP Alivisatos :

An Update , now Chancellor Christ has sent out this memo:

Also important to watch a section -at the 31:00 time mark- where Chancellor C.Christ gave a very Birgeneau-like answer 'I was the 60's civil rights era' - he used to say the exact same thing to the exact same question. And,once again in the talk: staff concerns come up as a Chancellor after thought. The last prong addressed on issues involving diversity hiring and lack thereof. It is as though C.Christ seems to believe her hiring of her cabinet and in turn their hiring decisions are all invisible to the staff, community...
-- C.Christ's comments on student diversity though are pretty, incredible. She is trying to claim a commitment to resolving the issues of severe underrepresentation of certain groups while at the same time she is sounding like Birgeneau in her response. Yet, still blaming decisions made in the aughts: 2000-2010 and then presently -- for creating less diversity at UC -and at UCB in particular.
Yes, as C. Christ rightly highlights, points out: less diversity than UCB enjoyed in the 1990's. Birgeneau made those decisions for UCB in the 'aughts', remember? Or, are C.Christ and Birgeneau gonna blame it all on the three-year-termed Dirks (C.Christ was in his cabinet as well), or Berdahl?, and/or blame their decisions solely on 'state funding'? At the time, Birgeneau said he wanted non-residents admitted and for reasons other than state funding. He even made some unfortunate comparisons between admissions decisions at UCB as compared to UToronto at the time--so...
These things, history, important to keep in mind in light of present day challenges and boneheaded moves and boneheaded spin games..

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