Tuesday, February 12, 2019

UC Admissions-Not in the CSA Special Report-.but coverage

One audit of UC is not included in the special report on implementation of recommendations,  notably it concerns UC admissions.

But it comes up in this new article in
The San Diego Union-Tribune
"Huge surge in foreign students helping UC San Diego diversify and pay its bills"

"In the past decade, the number of international students has soared by almost 7,200 and now accounts for almost 25 percent of the school’s enrollment. The figure was 6 percent in 2008."
"UC San Diego also has added more California residents. But their overall share of the student body has dropped by 20 percent in 10 years."
..."The strategy has critics, notably the California State Auditor, who issued a harsh critique of the practice in 2016.
Auditor Elaine Howle said UC campuses pursued high-paying out-of-state and international students to the exclusion of California residents. She also said that the UC system relaxed admission standards for non-residents, making it harder for Californians to compete.
And Howle claimed in her audit that the UC system “could have taken additional steps to generate savings and revenue internally to mitigate the impact of its admissions and financial decisions on residents.”
The UC challenged the audit, saying Howle’s figures were wrong. But the university system later placed caps on non-resident undergraduates."...
--The article includes charts and audio.
And here's the audit findings:

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