Thursday, March 14, 2019

Other angles to consider in college admissions cheating, bribing scandal...

UC Berkeley affected in (at least) one admission case in the 'college admissions cheating bribing scandal' as it is being called:

"Father of UC Berkeley alumnus charged in college admissions scandal"

Some colleges and universities have more exposure than others -precisely because of their 'culture':

We have to keep in mind the trustees and the Regents roles in all of this as well.

More directly we have to look critically at the UC Regents connections to USC and consider if there are any negative business practices cultural exchanges occurring.

There is the strong view in many spaces that their entire board of trustees need to be replaced due to scandal after scandal...yet, we continue to hear UC Regents reference their interactions with USC repeatedly.
Read in full:
"This is disgusting’: College cheating scandal shows ugly side of admissions game"

"The College Admissions Process Is Already A Scam
One college counseling company charges up to $1.5 million for its perfectly legal services"

Some Regents and Trustees are framing their universities and colleges as solely victims in this- the UC Regents' chair Kieffer did that framing this week in his opening comments at this week's board meeting- - but there have been corrupting influence patterns from the hobnobbing games they play...

Consider scenarios such as this:

..."starting to feel the social hurt of the scandal. On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Loughlin’s influencer daughter, Olivia Jade, had spent the night before her mother’s arrest on a yacht in the Bahamas owned by the chairman of USC's board of trustees, Rick Caruso. On Wednesday afternoon, just as Loughlin prepared to leave federal court on bail, she had “decided it would be in her best interests to return home” and left Caruso’s yacht, he told TMZ."...

Appreciate UCOP's message that they will look into all of it rather than just hurriedly framing the university as victim and leaving it at that:

And glad to see students and applicants asserting their rights in this mess:

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