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The Higher Ed Talk for 2020

Since we're being encouraged to reflect on the 'who and how' various kinds of speech occurs at UC Berkeley
And keeping in mind there's free speech in one area
And academic freedom in another...

Do you remember when:

BFA, for some unexplained reason, did NOT post a high profile conversation with Carol Christ and a Prof whose research area of study C.Christ deemed included 'a dangerous idea' - she actually said that about an area of research. Then she claimed there were those who were stating that 'there are no costs for college', which was not a factual statement, remember... Was it all just part of a 'tryout' performance necessary for her ascent to Chancellor if she placated certain movers and shakers enough during this particular talk? Only a few weeks later in March 2017 she was named new Chancellor. Wondering about that in retrospect. BFA only recorded the section of presentation by the Prof -- and then BFA also covered in video another entirely separate talk the Prof also participated in -- BUT it seems BFA clearly avoided capturing or memorializing the dialogue conversation with C.Christ on the topic -were BFA and the audience and other participants constrained from doing so? Maybe it was all highly collegial and a great exchange of differing viewpoints and yet alot of agreement, but who knows? That is precisely the problem.- What went down in the conversation portion , for those not in attendance at Sibley, that can only be found in this article: according to Daily Cal with the only coverage-limited coverage of that February 2017 event. (Reminded today of that time b/c it was also a time of an earlier Trump-UCB skirmish and other on campus UCB 'high profile attempts at notoriety' type events that received the bulk of press then - just as it is presently...)

Anyway, there's this- what looks like updated slides and discussion of the 'higher education decline cycle'
And, a proposed 'higher education reconstruction cycle' also part of this new talk:

"Christopher Newfield: What Do Universities Do? Bringing College and Society Back Together"

where some discussion of it - the higher education idea C.Christ deemed "dangerous" but has since gained popular political traction comes up.

Along with other thoughts around:

Is US now 'post-middle class'? Or not.

If neoliberalisn isn't working what replaces it?

Higher Education contribution to:
Public non pecuniary creative capabilities as common wealth
Not just wages tied to value of degree as value of higher ed
Keep this in mind in light of upcoming UC Regents meeting and their agenda item A3 "Discussion item: Evidence of the Public Value of a University of California Degree"- UCOP has mostly focused the topic on projections of future wages.

And 'intra-faculty conversations' that are needed (and, we add here, rarely happen)

[And / but not sure if this is the same content that addresses: “What the Humanities are for: Two Responses to Vulnerability” - but you can check that out.]

-- the slides accompany the talk so you can toggle between them using the upper right hand buttons and thumb nail of frames etc. which is all very helpful in display of presentation.

The talk and discussion runs about 1hr 25 min and hits on many of the issues that will no doubt come up in 2020 election cycle discussion of higher education policy and funding etc.

(It is a wonderful thing when the faculty ensure that a talk and discussion they highlighted to campus are accurately and clearly covered in toto or explain why not or just make clear they've decided it is a closed session and a reasoning why. It was too bad, in retrospect, BFA decided not to do so with that important 'conversation' portion they hosted in Feb 2017, esp since there was some error and spin in the limited coverage of it and it involved someone who would weeks later be named as new
Chancellor and a few short months later become Chancellor -all in an odd recruitment process when Dirks was replaced. Now we've seen instances where she, as Senior administration and Chancellor, says certain research has or is entertaining a 'dangerous idea'; she is effusive about other research in contentious litigation; yet she maintains deafening silence about other research that is facing challenges.) so...


Newfield shares some additional info on his talks : here. Tx.

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