Thursday, March 7, 2019

UC PATH launch dates at UC Berkeley, UC Davis? And $504 Million or $750 Million or??


"California’s failed tech projects come in late and over budget. Can Gavin Newsom fix them?"


"Struggles adapting business processes have contributed to delays implementing UCPath, a University of California system project to unify and upgrade payroll systems across its 10 campuses, five medical centers and the office of the president.

“It has been far more complex and complicated than we had ever envisioned,” UC Chief Financial Officer Nathan Brostrom told The Bee in 2015.
The project’s cost has reached at least $504 million, surpassing an initial estimate of $170 million. The system awarded a contract to develop the system to Oracle in 2011 but took over the project itself in 2013 after becoming dissatisfied with the corporation.

Last week, UC President Janet Napolitano approved delaying the program’s implementation at UC Davis, marking at least the fifth delay for the program. A new launch date has not been determined."

-recall the UCLA problems with their launch was blamed on the days of the launch being timed in September, which their deep post analysis revealed to them that September may not have been the best month for UCLA to pick (start of the academic calendar for that quarter system campus- that was the reason given for also pushing back the planned September 2019 launches to December 2019 for other campuses.)

- the date for launch of UC Path at Berkeley and Davis was originally scheduled as a March date, and in this article from just last week : April 1 was mentioned by UC Berkeley spokespeople. Now it appears Davis has pushed back the date, has Berkeley?

-And $504 million sounds like an old number, but is it $750 million or ?

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