"If the University were a business, it would likely be the largest corporation in California."

Friday, December 9, 2022

If Univ of CA Post Docs are 'majority int'l'; and UC Graduate Students are 'majority out of state 'n int'l'; and UC Undergrads Are Feelin' *possibly* Screwed, Jittery Now...

UC could lose bad, it could come across as a system not focused on or reliable for Californians..

 -whether or not the Guv intercedes in this mess:

 LA Times decides to use this headline for their 'letters to the editor' section, appealing to the 'President of the UC Regents Newsom' :

"Gov. Newsom needs to step in and solve the UC strike" - Los Angeles Times


-but, for many possible reasons, he does not seem so inclined at this time...


"Students fear losing aid as grades are withheld during strike

UC says only a small fraction of students could lose aid and pledges to help those who are impacted"


..."That could have significant and dire implications for some undergraduates, such as those who need a certain grade point average to maintain federal financial aid and students planning to graduate this fall or soon apply to graduate school.

Allie Jones, a senior at UC Santa Barbara double majoring in English and philosophy, relies on her grade point average to keep her financial aid. She is confident she’ll keep her aid in the long run, but she’s yet to receive clear guidance and is concerned it could be temporarily withheld. That’s problematic because she relies on that federal aid to pay for her off-campus housing.

For someone like me, who lives off campus, withheld aid could literally mean losing my housing,” said Jones. She blames UC leadership for her predicament and says the striking workers have reasonable demands. "..."UC officials say very few students — maybe less than 1% of its 230,000 undergraduates — might have aid withheld if grades aren’t submitted on time and that the university is taking steps to mitigate those possible impacts."


 "UC’s academic workers strike brings stress to undergraduates"


..."Colleges and universities increasingly rely on graduate student employees to do teaching, grade papers and conduct research that had previously been handled by tenured faculty.

Many University of California students fear the strike may extend well into next year, disrupting their plans to apply to degree programs.

University of California, Berkeley sophomore Janna Nassar said she believes academic workers should be better paid, but she is growing concerned as the strike continues. She was counting on final review sessions with her graduate student instructor for one of her economics classes before she takes the final exam next week. But now the 18 year old said that’s not an option.

Before the strike, she said she attended lectures for that class three times a week and two discussion sessions with the graduate student instructor. She is required to complete the class before she can declare a major in economics next year. 

This is the hardest I have studied in all of my semesters here, and I feel the least prepared,” she said. “It’s really disheartening to know that I might have to declare late or maybe I won’t be able to declare econ and will have to choose another major.”

Susana Sotelo, a UC Berkeley sophomore who plans to declare a psychology major, said four of her five classes were taught by graduate student instructors or lecturers. Those classes have been canceled or moved online and turned optional.

The one class taught by a psychology professor also moved online and he told the students that no new material would be taught for the rest of the semester to support the strike, she said."..."

What the effects of the disruption will be on UC undergraduate students whose education had already been in disarray because of the pandemic remains to be seen. But for Nassar, who isn’t certain if she will be able to declare an economics major, the effect seems long-lasting.

“It’s like a breaking point,” she said. “It’ll probably affect us for the rest of our undergraduate careers.”"


"The University of California can’t intimidate its way out of the graduate worker strike

The now four-week strike culminates nearly two years of alleged unlawful conduct by the University of California."



 "Stanford postdocs express solidarity with striking UC academic workers"


..."[We] are concerned that the University of California’s unlawful behavior at the bargaining table threatens to disrupt our colleagues’ ability to meet our shared commitment to research across academic disciplines,” read the letter, which was sent to UC President Michael Drake ’74 and Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Michael Brown on Nov. 21. UCOP spokesperson Ryan King responded to other requests for comment from The Daily in an email but did not address questions on the letter."...


more on:

"National Players Group Asks UC Regents to Block UCLA Move to Big Ten

Former UCLA player is executive director of NCPA and wrote the letter to the Regents"


..."Along with concerns about the travel costs and the well-being of the athletes, there are concerns about the adverse financial impact UCLA’s departure will have on Cal, UCLA’s sister school in the UC system. Huma's letter did not address Cal's potential concerns and what the Regents could do about that, but focused instead on the general adverse affects of the move on athletes.".. 

"In his letter, Huma noted the physical, academic and emotional toll that increased travel time will take on athletes if UCLA joins the Big Ten. But he added a racial issue. His letter claimed the graduation rate among UCLA’s Black athletes is 50%, compared with 73% for all Black students

"Not all money is good money. The Regents should not let a handful of people sell the soul of the UCLA athletic program for TV dollars that will be spent on luxury boxes in stadium and lavish salaries for a few. For all the reasons stated in this letter, the NCPA strongly urges the Regents to block UCLA’s move the Big Ten Conference. The NCPA also encourages the Regents to set geographical limits on the intercollegiate athlete conference membership of its universities to prevent this situation from occurring in the future. "

- Is anyone advocating Cal's position in it?-Or, just relying on CChrist to figure it out behind the scenes?

Thursday, December 8, 2022

As New Pac 12 Wows and Wannabees to Big Ten Turnout Duds: There's Pushback to that UCLA and Big Ten Plan. UC as 'Pullman and Potter' model In UC Acad Strike.

"The University of California Is Also a Landlord If McDonald’s is a real estate company that sells hamburgers, the U.C. system is a real estate company that sells degrees. Grad students are striking not least so they can afford to live where they work."


While U.C. President Michael Drake enjoys a $6.5 million six-bedroom in Berkeley paid for by the state, grad workers sleep on couches, in cars, or in shelters. They pile into overcrowded housing or commute from hours away.  ...

Only 10 percent of the U.C.’s $44 billion budget is now funded by the state of California. The U.C. system generates revenue not only by depressing wages in its role as the state’s third largest employer, but by extracting rents as a landlord to some 106,000 students. The U.C. has expanded far beyond the business of education, into health care and real estate. If McDonald’s is a real estate company that sells hamburgers, the U.C. system is a real estate company and hospital administrator that sells degrees. Property sales from its real estate portfolio, worth $6.4 billion, generated almost $2 billion last year....

living in the U.C. system was like living in a nineteenth-century company town. “We’re stuck in this web,” she said. “The University controls our education, our livelihood, our academic loans, our health care for many of us; some people have their kids in childcare there, live there.”...

"Universities can access a unique tool to generate wealth, Davarian L. Baldwin, author of In the Shadow of the Ivory Tower: How Universities Are Plundering Our Cities, told me: their nonprofit status. That status has implications for how the institutions interact with both private industry and the state. For the U.C., tax exemptions on land holdings help funnel private investors into “innovation” districts and glitzy development projects around campuses—often derided in the refrain, “U.C. stands for ‘under construction.’” The U.C.’s exemptions in California’s Constitution allow it to supersede local tenant protections and evict long-term residents to maximize portfolio gains, a tactic revealed by residents of 1921 Walnut Street in Berkeley. Universities help produce the housing crisis their students experience: They offload housing needs to communities in which they are situated while driving up property values. Acting as “land baron,” “political boss,” and “city manager, 

-As noted here before: its that 'Jagdeep and Nathan presentation' to the UC Regents investments committee (w/ new UC controller) in November again which one can watch : here.

  AND this model:

and: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/americas-company-towns-then-and-now-180956382/ 

leave it to Esquire a few years ago:

"In It's A Wonderful Life, Pottersville Actually Looks Way More Fun Than Bedford Falls

The complicated multiverse of this holiday classic seems to hinge on George Bailey's existence. But without him, the film's hometown seems a lot less square."



 " Group pushes University of California regents to block UCLA's potential move to Big Ten

National College Players Association says additional travel to Big Ten schools would hurt UCLA athletes' academic performance and mental health."



"Advocacy group asks UC regents to block UCLA's move to Big Ten" - Los Angeles Times



Pac-12's Resurgence to Relevance on Full Display in USC-Utah Title Game - Sports Illustrated



this could get sooo interesting now: 

"Once UC regents determine UCLA’s fate George Kliavkoff expects Pac-12 media rights deal, expansion decision to be ‘months away not a year away’ - oregonlive.com


 As Pac 12 is looking hot and Big Ten wannabees lookin' 'dud-ish this year:

Utah blew out USC, 47-24, crushing the Trojans' playoff hopes and winning the Pac-12 championship for the second straight season

"USC defense exposed in loss to Utah, extending the Alex Grinch debate into a long 2023 offseason"



 The Times podcast: The grad student strike at UC schools - Los Angeles Times



 "UC strike reaches pivotal time during finals week" - Los Angeles Times



"Skipping meals to scrape by: A UC striker's story" - Los Angeles Times



ABC News: https://abcnews.go.com/US/17-workers-arrested-sit-university-california-strike-enters/story?id=94574640


Regent Pattiz was a colorful character; and a 'mixed bag' on various topics at the regents table, he recently passed- Lebron and Magic mourn:  


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Unfortunate Foil to the UC Acad Labor Strike...-Is UC Berkeley, or a hiring committee, just engaged in 'gesture optics' or something more -and how will we know? AND UC Regents Holding Add'l Committee Meetings Dec 15th!!

As today the US Congress held a solemn awarding of the Congressional Gold Medal to deserving heroes.... Coverage here and here ...We are told that Cal has hired:

"Former U.S. Capitol Police chief hired as next UC Berkeley chief of police"





There was some criticism of her

There was some praise of her







We are sometimes told  that the 1/6  was not really a failure of intelligence it should be remembered- it was a failure or obstruction of the response ... 

Now, with that, we will see how she does at Cal.


The foil part: 

That particular position has a long list of past human resources and compensation and retirement packages and performance management controversies and bad headlines surrounding it...


..."Vice Chancellor Nathan Brostrom traveled to Sacramento last week to address the state Senate Budget Subcommittee on Education. "Chief Harrison did not receive any special treatment in either her retirement package or in her compensation at rehire," Brostrom told the subcommittee during its May 6 meeting. "Some media stories have been categorically wrong and very misleading. Throughout"...  

Coverage over  some of those Cal events history and  serious questions here:

"UC Berkeley arrogance strikes again" – East Bay Times


 $2.1 million payout, $552,000, $161,527, $175,000, $181,125, $194,000 

"Even worse, it appears campus administrators broke or sidestepped UC and federal rules in rehiring Harrison.

Vice Chancellor Nathan Brostrom offered Harrison the new contract before she left campus. That’s a violation of UC and federal rules that prohibit employees younger than 60 from discussing rehiring before retirement. Harrison is 54. Brostrom said the offer to Harrison was an error on his part and the university was trying to correct it."

-- Remember that some of the current UC-OP leadership are connected to the Aughts 2000s UC Compensation Scandals Coverage

(thankful SF Gate has stayed true to maintaining the archive!):



 But those practices pre-date and post-date Dynes term at OP and one can find the archive mostly from SF Gate and SF Chron and Oak Trib etc.

The folks who carried out that UC 'handling' are also the folks who make lofty public statements while in the background tell Labor Relations to use muscle, hard tactics.

They are the same folks who are now handling the UC Acad Labor Strike. Don't forget it.

There are other notable examples of former chancellors and former UC presidents allowing the former members of their staff/cabinet to engage in the same- have cronyish lucrative contracts with UC for services that are kinda lousy or redundant etc.

And those practices and figures are the deeply unfortunate foil to the graduate student- post doc -professional researcher acad labor strike efforts right now. 

The ubiquitous grad student food pantry...as compared with million dollar comp and perks packages...


Its December commencement ceremony season to celebrate and no 105+ degree heat to deal with!:






Remaking the U with a new post by UCLA Professor Michael Meranze on



..."what I want to try to do here is offer some suggestions for how we could think about the gap, how we got here, and what we might do in the future to alter the conditions that have created what is undoubtedly a crisis at the University, and a depressing foreshadowing of the end of UC as a serious research university.  If the latter does happen the responsibility will ultimately lie with UCOP and the Regents with some support from the campus Chancellors.  The first point is that it seems clear that there is a fundamental gap in the way that each side is defining these negotiations.  UC is approaching this as"... - see it in full here.


After four years Dr. Carrie Byington is stepping down from UC Health VP role - she will still advise Drake on some matters but he is beginning a search for her replacement:


"On Monday, Dec. 5, President Drake issued the following announcement to the UC Board of Regents.

Dear Regents,

I am writing today to share the news that Dr. Carrie L. Byington will be stepping down as the Executive Vice President of UC Health, effective June 30, 2023. Carrie has been an integral and effective part of our leadership team and is a trusted friend and colleague. Her transition will allow her to better balance work with family and personal commitments. I will be launching a national search in January for her successor."...


Just announced:

"Regents of the University of California and its committees are scheduled for Thursday, December 15, 2022 at UC Riverside and by teleconference."  


(More Regents Meetings) December 15, 2022

 As we have seen before - these regents meetings are going to be met with strikers in public comment etc and Jan has the regularly scheduled UC regents full board meeting. so the regents meetings are part of the strike activities which looks like things could go on and on...


those ol' 'carry the water for UC' tired opinions again:

"UC strike hurts students and the picketing workers- Fulfilling the demands could have negative long-term consequences for those served by the university system."



"17 people arrested after sit in at UC Office of President, Sacramento"



"Striking UC graduate students picket human resources headquarters in Riverside" – Press Telegram



"Sit-In | UC Workers Strike enters 4th week with 50,000 walking out" | abc10.com




"Protests at UC campuses continue across state as citations issued to workers" - ABC7 San Francisco


Monday, December 5, 2022

"The University of California is trying to divide and conquer the 48,000 workers on strike "

 "The California academic strike is the most important in US higher education history- The University of California is trying to divide and conquer the 48,000 workers on strike by acceding to the demands of some groups but not others"  | Prof. Nelson Lichtenstein of UCSB | The Guardian



"A union member’s view of the biggest strike in the country.

 Time to Turn Up the Pressure on the University of California Decisionmakers" | The Nation



"Don't give up, UC workers. Strike until your demands are met" - Los Angeles Times



 "Op-Ed: In the UC strike, students will suffer for lack of grading" - Los Angeles Times



attending the b- ball games a great memory for so many:


Sunday, December 4, 2022

UC Regents Agenda For UCLA Big Ten CAL Pac 12 Matters Posted; UC Strike Gavotte Continues- Watch: UC Strikers Picket At Regents' chair's place...Also, "they were clouds in my coffee, clouds in my coffee"--hum Carly "you're so vague" for ' you're so vain" to it...

 Ok,so in addition to the UCLA admin bldg and Cal Hall at UC Berkeley:


 - which we mentioned in prior post coverage - there was this, see ABC10:

"UC workers protest outside home of UC Regents chair"


maybe that above can help the inquiring minds here :

"Chancellor Block circulated an email about the student worker strike that is so vague it is impossible to know to what he is referring. Excerpt "...


Comment: Mysteries are fine in movies, books, etc. But is it too much to ask what happened?"

---hum Carly "you're so vague (for vain" )... 


So in the immediate last post we said Dec 4th the regents would have the agenda for Big Ten Pac 12 UCLA Cal issues and yes it is a discussion and an action item again with no meeting materials links -- yet, but it is now formally an agenda item:

2:30 pm after both Health Committee Open and Closed sessions have concluded 

Agenda – Closed Session
B1(X) Discussion UCLA Big Ten Conference Membership – 

Legal Issues
Closed Session Statute Citation: Litigation [Education Code §92032(b)(5)


Agenda – Open Session
B2 Action UCLA Big Ten Conference Membership

- there is no public comment for this part of the meeting listed but there is a public comment session for the morning health committee part of the meeting.

Will the UC Regents tell UCLA : Bruins, You Belong to Me  ?


This outlet has some message of apology to Washington from UCLA's chancellor Block regarding actions UCLA took on Big Ten apparently:

"UCLA chancellor apologizes to Washington after Big Ten announcement, per documents "


Now, La Volta  or Gavotte? - keep  humming 'you're so va---'


Its possible the UC Regents also may meet on this matter this month as well: 



 In it a couple of new weird turns where some former or current coaches at Purdue and Princeton are coming up with new theories but no new fact. Including allusions claiming that the Cal men's swim coach was behind all the allegations from Cal swimmers- many of whom don't even know each other b/c they went through the team several years apart. Its just gettin' weirder. 


Also, in the cray column there is:



"Postdocs at the U. of California Got a Raise. But Who’s Going to Pay for It?"



"UC faculty urge Newsom to support striking academic workers" - Los Angeles Times


That's the way I've always heard it should be...


"UC Strike: Berkeley student workers struggle to find safe and affordable homes"


"UAW strike stuns University of California, heading into fourth week"


some see:

"UC faculty divided over graduate student strike and its future impact"


There is advocacy for asking Sacramento to step in on the UC strike now:

"Faculty support requested by UAW: Contact your legislator"



Friday, December 2, 2022

University of California Regents Meeting On Dec 5th About UC Academic Labor Strike , Update on UC Regents Dec 14th Health and Big Ten session; More 'UC-Strike' 'n 'Cal and FTX Sponsorship Deal Related Higher Ed Fallout' Coverage

The UC Regents are meeting Dec 5th on :


Agenda – Closed Session
B1(X) Discussion Collective Bargaining Update

Closed Session Statute Citation: Collective bargaining matters
[Government Code §3596(d)]

Officers’ and President’s Reports:

Personnel Matters

- Likely the faculty public complaints of 'docking of pay for faculty in support of the strike' and things like this development yesterday :


which notes similar happened at UCLA as well .

----Will be part  of what they discuss because yes there can be long term 'after effects' of what is occurring w/ the strike and the UC responses now :

"Allison: University of California Actions Toward Striking Workers May Cause Lasting Damage"


..."I’ve dedicated my entire professional career to the University of California, first as a postdoctoral scholar and then as a professor at UC Irvine. I share a deep commitment to our academic mission of research, public education, community service, and inclusion. Yet the UC’s behavior toward striking workers makes me worry that my loyalty is misplaced."... 

More on the divide between and w/in UC faculty and the UC-OP based systemwide UC Provost:

"Dear Colleagues,

On Thursday, December 1, Senate faculty received a potentially misleading email from the President’s Office of the University of California, titled “Regarding Faculty Rights and Responsibilities,” and signed by Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Michael Brown. see:


there is more new strike coverage here:



OK- next--here is the deal with UC Regents meetings this month

The UC Regents have a 10 day meeting notice rule for meetings - that means the agenda/notice must be publicly available 10 days before their meeting.

They've had a regularly scheduled Health committee meeting set for a while on Dec 14th and that will be happening. As noted here in prior posts, and as the regents meeting coverage in Nov noted, that Dec 14th will move from that committee session into a board session to discuss and/or act on the UCLA Big Ten UC Berkeley Pac 12 matters * the regents don't have to have anything posted on that meeting until Dec 4th ( they count weekend as days in the 10 day count). So, by Dec 4th (and they wait til as late as possible) we should get the full picture of all that the UC Regents will or will not take up on Dec 14th, stay tuned:



 ESPN emphasizes Big Tens 'respectful to process but nudging' approach to UC Regents in:

"Big Ten hopeful University of California regents will OK UCLA move"



"Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren is hopeful any "remaining open issues" surrounding UCLA's transition from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten can be resolved when the University of California regents meet Dec. 14.

Warren told ESPN on Thursday that the Big Ten is respectful of the UC regents' evaluation of UCLA's intent to join the Big Ten, which was announced June 30. The Big Ten has formed "integration committees" to assist in the transition for both UCLA and USC, a private school.

The UC regents have discussed UCLA's proposed move in several meetings but will make a final decision Dec. 14. In September, UC regents general counsel Charles Robinson said the board had the authority to block a move. One concern is the financial impact UCLA's move would have on Cal, another school in the system, which will remain in the Pac-12.

"I've been working on integration of both USC and UCLA, but we have been respectful of the process that UCLA has gone through with the California board of regents," Warren told ESPN. "We're excited about welcoming USC and UCLA into the Big Ten Conference. Hopefully, whatever the remaining open issues are that exist, they can be resolved here so we can proceed forward in the manner that we had agreed upon.

"It's a major focus of our conference, to integrate them properly."

Warren said the Big Ten has addressed sensitive areas such as travel, student-athlete mental health and academics, which have been raised in regents meetings and by others critical of the move. Before a regents meeting in November, UCLA provided a document outlining the school's financial plans for travel, academic support, mental health services, nutrition and other areas surrounding the conference move, as well as a survey of Bruins athletes about their thoughts on switching leagues. In a statement after the November meeting, the regents said the additional time would allow them to address any additional questions before the final vote.

The Big Ten in August finalized a new media rights agreement -- set to bring in more than $1 billion per year -- with both UCLA and USC included.

"There are no unanswered questions," Warren said. "We're prepared. We have formal integration committees. It's a perfect fit for USC and UCLA, and we look forward to moving forward together in a respectful manner, once they finalize all of the open issues from a UCLA standpoint that they have with the board in California."... see: that article in full


the disdainful flavored quote of "two economies" by some analysts...

the desire for creating  "parallel economy/ies" by some activism...

those terms have been coming up and they also come up in this WaPo article from Summer :


where an effort at creating a "parallel economy" is mentioned as a real goal...

"Politics: U.S. is dividing more into two distinct societies" - Los Angeles Times


as we read coverage of FTX and try to see how UC Berkeley is affected by that failed athletics sponsorship with them, some of what we're reading or reading again now includes tenured faculty role in and R1 N. Cal research institutions roped into or willing participating in it- and there is no thesis here - but some hunches and concern and curiosity on the picture developing :

 After  that (Ross -Sorkin)  interview w/ Bankman Fried yesterday- and w/ that Cal FTX sponsorship deal falling apart-- took a look around at some coverage and found

-  there is a renewed emphasis on how he has parents who are Stanford U profs and how maybe that drove the cred/confidence on the whole thing:

"Wait, But Weren’t His Parents Law Professors?

The Stanford genius bubble that birthed SBF.

The Virtue Was the Con "


that whole series there, too.

And then:




revisiting this article: https://fortune.com/2022/11/29/alexander-pack-dragonfly-sam-bankman-fried-alameda-red-flags/

and it is also being linked to the outcome of Theranos and Holmes, 


 and some of the analysis also notes other things to consider with it like

what is happening currently with Musk-Twit...

And those on Wall St and  in the Valley for some reason kept talking up a downturn the month prior to mid term election - and then their own sector efforts to talk econ down and their own downsize- but then those indicators not present to folks like UC Berkeley's now US Treas. Sec. Yellen:


- but should the question follow up to her be  "on which economy?" 

So, what is really going on here?  



NPR had this new detail article on Holmes and in relation to Stanford U and Title IX and that case in relation to what came after- Theranos- really stand out:


- wondered why Booker wrote that support and thought maybe it was because of the above but no it was this: https://www.thedailybeast.com/theranos-founder-elizabeth-holmes-gets-surprise-support-from-senator-cory-booker

- Apparently, not the Title IX thing as the reason for the advocacy

..."Booker said that he and Holmes had been friends for about six years before she was charged with conspiracy and wire fraud. They met at a public policy conference hosted by Sen. John McCain and bonded over dinner when they discovered they were both vegan, Booker writes. There was no vegan food on offer, so the pair shared a small bag of almonds."...

 - but Booker has had views on- mostly on other aspects of: Title IX,  ... 

The above just some of  the snapshot of what's econ going on lately and has ties to higher ed research institutions...

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

University of California Strike Allegations and - UC role as 'both the cause and effect of it all'

 "The high cost of housing is a UC-created crisis" | Forum | sfexaminer.com


..."As a PhD candidate working in UC Berkeley’s economics department, I have paid specific attention to the university’s arguments regarding economics and housing. And I was disappointed, but not surprised, to hear UC Labor Relations director Letitia Silas say that raising wages for academic workers could have "unintended consequences" "...

While no one institution is responsible for our state’s housing woes, the acute housing crisis near UC campuses is more of UC’s making than not. The claims made by Ms. Silas suggest a deliberate attempt to evade responsibility for UC’s failed housing policy.

It’s a secret to nobody that UC has failed to build enough housing to accommodate its surging enrollment. The shortage of housing — a long time coming — has created a captive market of vulnerable students and workers who are forced to live in crowded and unaffordable apartments near UC campuses. While UC denies any responsibility for housing practices off campus, its inaction has allowed private landlords to exploit this captive market by inflating rents far beyond campus limits.

UC boasts about its plan to build more housing. However, under current projections, the deficit of UC housing will increase to approximately 314,000 units by the end of the decade, according to UAW research. UC is no innocent bystander. Its actions precipitated this crisis and are capable of reversing it. Instead, UC has prioritized wasteful vanity projects, including spending over $1 billion on the most expensive college stadium in the country.

When it comes to institutional or corporate landlords, ... It may surprise you to learn that the UC is the largest landlord in California, ...

While professing sympathy regarding the housing crisis, UC cleverly profited by making investments in real estate near its campuses. This investment strategy has proven so lucrative that UC’s long-term goal is to increase its real estate positions by nearly 50%. The UC Regents have even proposed establishing their own property management company. One of its objectives? Managing for-profit housing adjacent to its own campuses. According to notes from a UC Regents meeting, UC is always "looking for opportunities to investing or near UC campuses."

UC has the power to set affordable rents for its students and workers who do reside in UC housing. Instead, UC"

check out the above article in full:


It is a response to the UC claims made in this KQED episode you can LISTEN to in full here:



Some of the coverage yesterday suggested this appointee is not only a UC Berkeley alum but also a current adjunct lecturer, -- and, recommended by DiFi, (who was so quiet on commenting on that disturbing Pelosi incident, just one tepid tweet it seemed -its surprising to see this now but) the spokesperson speaking for her  on it,

"California Sen. Dianne Feinstein put forward Ramsey for the position, her spokesperson told The Chronicle."





Here below a montage of UC  tweets with claims about things happening in the strike action now to be aware of:

"UAW has sent a cease and desist letter to

regarding pervasive threats of retaliation, including threats to deny future appointments and threats to fail SRs in 299 courses which are indistinguishable from strikable labor. fairucnow.org/wp-content/upl "

"For those that missed it there was just an hours-long caucus with 200+ disabled UAW2865 workers begging our bargaining team not to sell us out on the Access Needs article & stay strong against UC’s bad faith bargaining & ableism #UCAccessNow #FairUCNow"

"I wonder if now that post docs and ARS have had some demands met, if they will still show up for grad students at the picket lines? I also wonder about bargaining team updates on behalf of grad students. #UAWonStrike #FairUCNow"

"President Drake - who earns $1m and lives in a house worth $6.5m - will announce that those on strike, including faculty, will have pay docked for demanding ...
Brilliant and important letter to the still missing from insisting that their members will not be leveraged to do the struck work of colleagues in Settle a fair contract, don’t use the strike to exploit other workers #FairUCNow #UAWonStrike
"we will use every available clause in our contracts to ensure that our members are not exploited as replacement workers for our striking @uaw2865 colleagues." -- @UCAFT to @UCPrezDrake @UofCalifornia ucaft.org/sites/default/

 and :"Faculty Not Picking Up ASE Labor: Tallying the Missing Grades"

"Universities condemned over threat to dock all pay of striking staff | Lecturers' pay"

 | The Guardian



 There are some PPIC Higher Ed Highlighted Reports that came out recently like this

 'Lumina and Gallup supported' effort here:  

"The State of Higher Education 2022 Report: How has the pandemic affected student enrollment?"


 - and they've now dedicated a hub to the topic, see:


and this event today:


"November 30, 2022 · 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Assembly Bill 705 requires colleges to maximize the probability that English as a Second Language (ESL) students complete a transfer-level English course within three years of enrolling. PPIC researchers outline a new report on the implementation of AB 705 reforms—which began in fall 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic—and discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."


In addition to rail, the strike has 'reliance on int'l personnel consequences' details that tie in to UC Labor as well:



That SF Examiner piece above also ties in to claims made by UC Systemwide OP CFO Brostrom and CIO where I is investments Jagdeep (and endless at least 17%) who both tried to claim the mic to explain it all to the UC Regents at the regents meeting this month - the new UC systemwide controller B Covallos from Boston, she also tried to: