Saturday, November 5, 2016

"Norm", but not in that 'cheers' kinda way...

Student news has more reaction:

And at UCLA:

And Jezebel as well:

Earlier,Original post:
Or should we say norms?
In the Twitter sphere there are a number of UC Faculty and alumni pretty upset
one tweet raises UC Regent bylaw
Jonathan Eisen ‏@phylogenomics
"Regents chair says Pattiz's comments don’t break rules … I disagree; violation of BYLAW 21 …"

Some of them have also been contacting the President of the UC Regents and the ex officio Regents to ask why they have not made a statement or taken action etc."

You can read some of them in a scroll thru  : here


"Carla Hesse ‏@CarlaHesse1
UC Regent Pattiz should step down."

Whose job btw, with these optics on the UC Regents, has likely become much more difficult at Cal on this initiative
UC Berkeley peer review panel to review sex misconduct cases


There's more on the UC Regent Pattiz stories- in the first 25 minutes of this podcast more alleged details come out:

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