Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Can UC Berkeley Afford to Pass on that 150th year anniversary fundraising campaign?

There is a fundraising campaign on UC Berkeley's 150th anniversary of charter day.
The UC regents discussed it as an agenda item in November.
The question that is in mind *and that UCLA chancellor Block raised* was around the confusion of the entire system fundraising off of one particular campus' charter day and whether or not it is confusing-- and we question here whether or not it is appropriate...

Regent Lansing was all enthusiastic about it but she has a very limited interaction with Berkeley, and Chancellor Christ just gave comments akin to 'it's fine' during committee ,
But it does raise questions for the Berkeley campus when current events are also considered:
-a campus with the memorial stadium retrofit costs,
-the deficit that made the campus beholden to UCOP,
-the expenses of free speech that Napolitano's individual initiative megaphone out of UCOP adds to and -that the Berkeley campus incurs in a singular way that the other UC campuses are not grappling with to the same degree,

-the assessments fees of UC PATH that the campus must send UCOP annually

- and then there's the Berkeley distinctive history, profile etc, that is not a system wide one but specific and singularly Berkeley's

so --

Is it appropriate for UC Regents-UCOP to fundraise off of UC Berkeley charter day anniversary?

How will those donations be apportioned or split etc?

You can watch how the topic was discussed at the Regents public engagement committee meeting in November- begins at the 47:00 minute mark here:

Funny enough, in that discussion the staff member presenting is a former senior vp avc at Berkeley - then at Davis med- she is now an interim at UCOP. A few years ago she also, ironically, took a local SF journalist to task for daring to ask a UCSB faculty member questions about his expert view of a systemwide initiative being piloted out of Berkeley, her public relations view at that time seemed to revolve around 'asking Berkeley about Berkeley' rules or etiquette --apparently that rule of etiquette does not extend to fundraising off of Berkeley for other UC campuses now...

--additional questions that come up revolve around UCLA's upcoming 100th anniversary for their own charter day-perhaps that concern is also why chancellor Block raised the question in committee-- will UCLA also be part of systemwide fundraising in their anniversary celebration when it rolls around?

And UCSF is listed on the regents slides as having their own 150th anniversary a few years ago- did their 150th anniversary fundraised donations go to their campus or to a UC systemwide fundraise?

And there are logos and paper products being created and disseminated for a marketing campaign--'whose' and 'how much' $ getting and goin' to that ? Has to be asked in light of the fiat -lush systemwide UC logo exorbitant expenses that came out of UCOP in recent years, also a bit of a scandal..

They- UC Regents- UCOP- are calling it '150 days to mark 150 years'...

The designate faculty representative to the regents - whose home campus is Davis- chimed in during committee to claim that 'the UC faculty were what was really turning 150 not just Berkeley's' so it was okay for UC systemwide to horn in on Berkeley's anniversary fundraising--but if that is the logic then: what about the UC faculty and UCSF's 150th anniversary from a few years ago? Or, do UCSF get to play 'partially seceded' where fundraise $$ is concerned but Berkeley does not get to do the same? Or, do the UC faculty just want to lie about their age? Or?!


Meanwhile, the campus has text like "Berkeley 150 is the overarching name and theme of our sesquicentennial year, celebrating the charter that established the University of California on March 23, 1868 "- but that's not something easy to see or point to...
- and the home page etc at Berkeley does not make it an easy one stop shop to see how to celebrate/donate or explain what fundraising goes directly to Berkeley campus and what does not-- these are concerns certainly important to alumni, community etc.

So the 150 day celebration is starting off non-existent, sluggish...

The UC marketing staff are paid big bucks but this is currently looking like a ho hum rollout fundraising campaign ...imo

From 2015 there was at least this

One would think Berkeley would have the celebration fundraising off the sesquicentennial noted in a nifty box on each of it's pages given the state of things, but...

Just this dull save the date placeholder thing- is this the way the 150 days will mark what went before at Berkeley?

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