Monday, August 12, 2019

UC and Tuition and Masters Programs...

First see:

"California public college grads have billions in student loan debt – but it could be worse

..."According to the Public Policy Institute of California, which crunched the federal numbers, 42 percent of 2015 and 2016 grads who received bachelor degrees from the public university system had federal student loan debt, compared to 53 percent in the rest of the United States."

"And 40 percent of doctoral students in the California public university system had debt versus 50 percent in the other 49 states."

"The difference is even more stark at the community college level: just 6 percent of Californians who received associate’s degrees in 2015 and 2016 took on debt, nearly five times less than the national rate of 29 percent.

The average amount of debt U.C. and Cal State grads reported was also lower at all degree levels, except for those obtaining a master’s degree."...

"The picture is notably different for graduates of private universities in California. Just over half of students who received undergraduate degrees from private nonprofit institutions in 2015 and 2016 had some student loan debt, roughly the same as the national rate. And the average debt was nearly identical: $23,600 for the California students versus $23,700 for those in the rest of the country.

Californians who obtained advanced degrees — master’s, doctoral and professional degrees, like a J.D. or M.D. — from private nonprofit universities in the state reported significantly more debt than those outside the state.

Graduates of for-profit universities in California also had comparable levels of debt as students nationwide, except for professional degree holders, who incurred almost $100,000 less in debt than their counterparts elsewhere.

As the Public Policy Institute of California observed, “High demand for many graduate professional programs coupled with expectations of earnings premiums account for both the higher tuition and students’ willingness to take on debt.”

See the two reports the article references as well
"New Federal Data Sheds Light on Student Debt in California"

 Institute for College Access and Success :

--At UC Regents meetings some chancellors have made comments abouts the wonders of masters degrees as revenue streams...

What is UC approach, mission statement on UC and costs of masters programs? Just all about revenue stream for UC?

On masters,  @cnewf pointed to  this CHE article recently :
Aug 7
"UCalif has been spawning for-profit masters like mad, with low low net returns in the projections I’ve seen. Not surprised 2U is cutting back. 
So should public Us"

As Competition Mounts, 2U Signals Big Changes for Online Education - The Chronicle of Higher Education

And Remaking has this new guest post up  about robots replacing profs, or not:
The Automated University


UC put out these two items today:

"UC campuses named America's best value colleges"

"UC statement on final rule regarding “public charge”

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