Sunday, December 1, 2019

'Fissured Workplace'- "Fissured Admissions', too?- University of California labor like Amazon, Google, Walmart? -- and if that is not enough: UC pension-climate change coverage, too

LA Times headline earlier : "UC is at war with its biggest union"
..."Should a public institution be held to stricter standards than for-profit companies?

Under pressure from elected officials, and from a union-led speaker boycott that caused the Democratic National Committee to yank its scheduled Dec. 19 presidential debate away from UCLA, the UC Board of Regents adopted new outsourcing guidelines last month. "..."But AFSCME’s gripes mirror a 2017 report by the California state auditor, which found UC’s decentralized management meant it was unable to track “even the most basic contract information.” UC failed to justify displacing university employees with contract workers and repeatedly avoided competitive bidding on contracts, the audit found"..."“Now the university has finally acknowledged it has a problem. But the devil is in the details. What UC says is different from what it does. The way to enforce it is through collective bargaining.”"

-- and the article covers some of the work being done to pass constitutional amendments regarding University of California.
.."This year, lawmakers seemed to have run out of patience. A proposed constitutional amendment, ACA 14, passed the Assembly in June, 57 to 12, guaranteeing UC temp workers pay and benefits equal to that of employees performing similar work and limiting contracted labor to a few exceptional circumstances."...
"In September, Gonzalez’s bill earned a majority of Senate votes — 23 to 12 — but failed to get the necessary two-thirds for a constitutional amendment.

She plans to pursue its passage next year, believing voters would approve it. “It will be so much more protective to codify,” she said. “UC must finally be required to do right by all their workers.”"

the administration officials seek,process, approve the outsourcing  transactions
but the regents have set a policy against it 
and many UC researchers have detailed out the effects of outsourcing

the war is between UC adhering to its own claimed principles and the actions ot those in campus administration

- then they opt for a new headline title entirely:
"UC outsources thousands of jobs to private contractors. Is that a good idea? "


The regents likely want the focus just on this to perhaps force more online instruction,  to use as pressure on CA for more funding and give UC other leverage, but it also distances Californians from UC at the same time:

"Just how selective have UC schools become? Top students feel the pressure"

"California college capacities can’t accommodate rising application rates, study finds"

 -( the former UC Regent who, after serving as UC Chair, left her 2nd term early recall her particpation in this- where she stated even during her confirmation hearing that she was committed to work as a UC Regent to resolve serious problems that require intensive effort-:
-she left shortly after...) 
Monica Lozano,* CEO of the College Futures Foundation, said the issue is a capacity crisis and needs to be addressed quickly...
(former UC Regent Gould is also part of CFF)
Full story at

pointed to it previously but here again:
Report :

-- but, another view is that UC has to deal with what it has right now, to show that it can currently meet the mark with its current capacity etc.

Don't miss this post on UC billions of $ pension pressures and climate change and the Guv's new policies- and questions around what meetings are taking place and is UC a part of - (is it Committee of Two again)?
see Sac Bee:


--and we remind here again that UC Regent Cohen heads up CalPERS


--Its a shame that the Dem presidential debate was moved away from UCLA to a yet TBD date and place. now relocated to: at the private Catholic affiliated Loyola Marymount University on December 19th...The issues in the party are the issues at campus, It might do well to actually talk about it...Perhaps all of the above as general trends in higher education  could have been highlighted and discussed at a presidential debate?

--and this is the kind of stuff the new UC pres will need to be able to address, handle.

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