Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Float, The Reflection

Isnt it likely more 'side eye and long list' right now than anything else?...
"LSU President F. King Alexander being eyed for University of California job"
- and note how the CSU chancellor position isn't the aim of things but it was equally offered up in the article and CSU, is the system he has previously worked in, most familiar with....
that's part of the reason why floating specific, particular names at this point looks questionable to some.floating names becomes promoting names  games
but there are many ways names are being discussed .
There are still many more campus meetings of UC faculty yet to take place. Others, like foundation members, the new visitors groups, affinity alumni groups, the alumni assn, the alumni leadership, and then emeriti faculty, emeriti chancellors, emeriti regents and more will reach out with names --all who will be submittiing their own suggested names of candidates...
One or two faculty members saying a name at the beginning is not exactly , well....
Regents are hearing names , pols float names, students have their own criteria, staff have their own criteria...All of it hopefully makes its way to the selection committee and recruiting firm - no way a short list yet.
The short list could be a final four or a dozen
The final full pool likely in the hundreds..
 Also, the term 'it has to be a cultural fit' is going to be key
where the hope is that the new president will have all the best attributes of former UC presidents while also not having any of their worst habits, characteristics etc
Managing expectations and a difficult feat to accomplish.
and on this particular float-- LA is LA and LA is LA
- and then there are the other campuses and labs with their own distinct ways.. 
and then there are other reviews of top candidates that take time...
Those who float names early know that some will run with it- as in so and so is being 'eyed', 'shortlisted' -and so one has to ask if engaging in that right off  is a strategy?
(like many others, Alexander was invited to Cal during the Birgeneau admin to give a campus talk and plusses and minuses came up then)
(and certain regents do have a habit or 'reaching out' to the LAT)
Daily Bruin
this new- on rules for regents themselves:
"Student leaders call for revision of UC Board of Regents sexual misconduct policy"

"Budgets Are a Reflection of Values
Students at the University of Cincinnati question their institution's budget and find it wanting."

..." As Carol Christ, now chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, said in 2016, “Colleges and universities are fundamentally in the business of enrolling students for tuition dollars.”

Unfortunately, competition for tuition dollars is actually hugely expensive and inefficient and has institutions spending on symbols of prestige that have nothing to do with educational quality. The mission as Christ frames it is fundamentally at odds with education. The University of Cincinnati students are making some noise about this problem."...

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