Friday, December 6, 2019

University of California Still Can’t Get A Handle On Compensation Rules Enforcement, Moonlighting, Conflicts -APM-025 and APM 671 among others-still a problem...

"Medical Professors are Supposed to Share Their Outside Income With the University of California. But Many Don’t.
A comparison of University of California filings with federal data shows that moonlighting professors are shortchanging taxpayers."

"Federally Funded Health Researchers Disclose at Least $188 Million in Conflicts of Interest. Can You Trust Their Findings?
A National Institutes of Health database, which we’re making public for the first time, shows that researchers have reported more than 8,000 “significant” financial conflicts, potentially influencing their work."

"Dollars for Profs
The Lucrative Secret World of Academic Moonlighting"

"We Asked Public Universities for Their Professors’ Conflicts of Interest — and Got the Runaround
We assembled the first state-by-state database of professors’ outside income and employment. But it’s far from complete."

"UC professors fail to report outside income, shortchanging the university system"
there's also:

"UC Berkeley DisAvows Its Own Healthcare Marketing Campaign"
and this,

but cities are facing other pressures for other groups as well and that ties into healthcare as well, see:


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