Wednesday, May 5, 2021

'There's some history there' Part 2

In coverage of two former UC regents a taking up of the issue of regents needing to back off of operations but they don't take up the issue of regents needed to respect shared governance with faculty etc., see:

btw, there has been in the past years important coverage of public comment claims questioning of Keiffer's representation of Oracle, a major vendor of UC enterprise business systems while also serving as a UC Regent during UC PATH; and Zettel has gotten deep into the weeds on what UC calls 'management corrective actions' on various issues during compliance and audit committee meetings she chaired- that would be operations... So don't really understand the point now of how UC regents are not supposed to be involved in ops raised, highlighted by Zettel in her quote in this story:
"George Kieffer, Charlene Zettel reflect on terms as UC regents"
..."Trying to keep tuition increases at bay has been a major accomplishment,” Zettel said. “Going forward, it will be a real challenge to face the necessity of increased costs in everything we do and figure out a way that prudently addresses our budget and yet, doesn’t harm the students and prospective students.”... "Kieffer added that he strove to be an advisor and counselor to campus chancellors.

Zettel’s personal accomplishments on the board include serving on several search committees, which she found rewarding. As chair of the compliance and audit committee, Zettel said she improved internal reporting to the regents and heightened the rigor and transparency of the audit process.

Above all, Zettel said the UC system’s most significant achievement has been managing the COVID-19 pandemic and shifting to online classes rapidly. Zettel added that throughout her term, she has seen engagement from the board grow.

“It’s a double-edged sword — we are not supposed to run the university either,” Zettel said. “The regents have to walk that fine line of accountability and direction but not direct management over UC operations.”"...
is it appropriate for UC Regents to have these sorts of relationships with chancellors etc.? Does he mean in the legal representaton sense? If regents are giving legal counsel to chancellors  how can they receive public comment or decide various types of cases objectively prior to their votes as an admin body?:
"During his career as a regent, Kieffer said he is most proud of the board’s increased engagement with the UC community and the broader public, particularly during his term as chair of the board from 2017 to 2019. Working to kindle relationships in the UC, Kieffer added that he strove to be an advisor and counselor to campus chancellors."
He doesn't mention the resolution of his Title IX case towards the end of his term...
This next headline is confused it was the lack of application of...
"UC Regents Sued Over Application of Trump-Era Sex Assault Rule"

More land use demands at Cal and some Title IX included in it:

"Ruling: UC Berkeley's softball complex needs more environmental review"
This news has made the rounds but the vid of the talk included here fyi:
"Watch: Students, college leaders debate the future of campus policing "
..."The comments by Regent John Pérez came during a panel on the future of campus policing co-hosted by CalMatters and KQED, in which the UC Student Association proposed"...
watch the panel discussion here:
a talk from Feb. has now been made avail. :
How to Achieve Tuition-Free Higher Education in California and Across the Country - YouTube
description and more here:

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