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Wed. 6/23 - UC Regents to Debate, Vote Their Stance On Equal Access to Healthcare for Women and LGBTQ++ -At the end of one Pose-- the Irony of Counterpose.

(One more time: There are currently 2 vacancies on the UC Regents board that Gov Newsom has yet to fill- if the item below succeeds or fails by a two vote margin there could be repercussions- but also lately the UC regents are fond of congratulating themselves on a unanimous vote message as in their SAT/ACT admissions testing vote, but in this case...) 

According to an LA Times columnist following this issue closely, the UC Regents seem poised to accept continued contracting with regional healthcare systems that restrict or deny care for certain procedures for certain groups while granting care to other groups, or at least UCOP's Drake would like to move them in that direction, see:

see in full:
"Hiltzik: UC should reject Catholic hospital partnerships - UC Regents Appear Poised To Surrender To Catholic Healthcare Restrictions- Los Angeles Times"

"That marks it as a devastating defeat for UC values — that is, for the principle that medical decisions should be based entirely on medical and scientific evidence.

In short, it’s almost a complete surrender to the Catholic Church and its goal of shrinking access to healthcare for women and LGBTQ+ patients."

--As mentioned here earlier Chair of the UC Regents Perez has a view on this matter, as does the incoming new chair Estolano. Butler has also spoken to it. Regent Lansing has claimed a concern for womens health rights, equal access to care procedures previously- notably in July she will be replaced by Perez as chair of the UC Regents Health Committee.. Other regents also previously  have made public comments about their own identification with being LGBTQ++ or in support of that community.  Some of the regents have very close biz and fin. affiliations with members of such groups or high $ relationships to those who claim, at the very least, to be supportive of LGBTQ++  (of note Sherman-Geffen, of Geffen at those eponymous parts of UCLA Health--) and there are others. There is also Regent Reilly's long standing (prior to regent status) relationship to Dignity Health in San Francisco, where a local clinic for indigent care she helped found contracted with them and that relationship began to come under scrutiny for instances of denial of care claims-and then once again when the issue of the affiliations began to come up as UC regents agenda item etc. Reilly was not asked about it in public session of her regent confirmation hearing even though that CA Sen rules committee chair Atkins claims such issues  important to her... (Atkins, in that and other regents confirmation hearings, has mentioned during public sessions that she has spoken to the UC regent appointee about unknown topics offline in private meetings and the public sessions have run very short -about 15 minutes on avg- and pretty devoid of substance on the current UC hot topics and just focus on admissions decisions sound bytes.) It should also be remembered that Reilly was picked as a regent by Newsom. Anyway, it will be interesting to see if Atkins or Speaker Rendon show at the June 23 UC regents meeting to speak or vote on this item...   
We will see in their votes whether or not the UC Regents -voting, ex officio, non-voting et al-hold those beliefs -or if they just pose..

UC's General Counsel Robinson's presentation to the regents can also influence or even veer toward 'whip'  their votes-- he may mention the recent SCOTUS ruling on
or other things ...

but we could be dealing with a 3-3-3 SCOTUS:

Public comment also,as in the past, may have an influence here. Patients detail their own experiences and those narratives can be very compelling. There will  -no doubt-  also, at this point, be other counter narratives curated by those who want to keep the UC Dignity contracts  as well.

Here once again is our link to the UC Regents meeting agenda for Wednesday, June 23rd.

at the end of a Pose 

-- its Pride Month and the UC Regents take up the Dignity Health-UC  vote in the same month...
adding in this:
"UC applauds Office for Civil Rights’ affirmation of Title IX protections for gay and transgender students and employees"
Thursday, June 17, 2021
University of California President Michael V. Drake, M.D., issued the following statement today (June 17) on the Office for Civil Rights’ recent announcement affirming Title IX protections for gay and transgender students and employees:We enthusiastically applaud this week’s affirmation by the Office for Civil Rights that Title IX prohibits discrimination against students and employees in schools based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. For too long, the LGBTQIA+ community has been persecuted and denied legal protection, and this decision advances everyone’s right to be treated fairly, and with dignity and respect. This guidance also aligns with our own commitment to being an inclusive community, and to not only embracing but celebrating diversity.”
-Funny how that comes out as he takes up the issue on UC and Dignity Health
-- Wall St decides Labor Day is the day to pick for deadlines to force workers to be back in the offices. CNN notes it may lead to Wall St direct competition with Silicon Valley for employee pool. Also, women and other groups have a different relationship to econ as result of pandemic -demanding options in choice of workplace enviro experience and other caregiver etc considerations as Covid 19 'of concern' variant emergent strains exist w/ only 40% vaccinated current circumstances all come up in this:
"Wall St Wants Employees Back In The Office"

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