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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

UC "will create a luxurious living experience for transfer students" in one spot on campus, ... while in another spot of campus "the planned housing ... will be more modest, according to UC officials." - - and that thing called "equitable educational outcomes"--how does UC provide educational equitable experiences for students with that kind of planning?

congrats to Prof. Card:
he wrote this awhile back :
"David Card: Debunking myths about the value of education | Berkeley News"

but maybe he can give some answers on a persistent question at Cal:

"While the forthcoming 775-bed Helen Diller Anchor House project (a $300 million gift to the university) will create a luxurious living experience for transfer students, the planned housing at People’s Park will be more modest, according to UC officials. There won’t be any “unnecessary luxuries that are incompatible with student housing,” according to documents. "
that section mentioned in:

--How do you provide educational equity to all students with such different environments?
An unanswered question asked earlier on Bowles... and now again.

The public relations folks at Cal did not pick any question that touched on it in this:

--One can feel certain views about any one project or another, the source of funding, the aesthetics etc.-- but the student experience and equity in student experience is a major issue not to be ignored or unaddressed by UC as this planning rolls out.

""The median salary of a lecturer was just $19k in 2019, as opposed to $163,742 for Senate faculty. "...The working conditions of lecturers are learning conditions of students"
" Will new measures fix California’s colleges?
by Dan Walters "
"California’s Master Plan for Higher Education, adopted in 1960, isn’t working but a new array of bills purports to fix its shortcomings."
doing zoom and visiting campuses during a more social distanced pandemic:
Drake at Cal:
-did he talk to any UC lecturers while there?
"Op-ed: UC must revise employment policies to provide lecturers with job security - Daily Bruin"
"UC President Michael Drake extends emergency paid sick leave to 2022"
'the three segments'
Drake, Castro and the interim for CA Community Colleges doing this :
 The Future of Public Higher Education in California Events
this event was listed as Oct 13, but in error, it happened at the end of September 2021:
from a thing called incarnations of '20MM Foundation in 2010 (formerly The Twenty Million Minds Foundation'

astrotourist or astronaut -either way -
once again here-that theme of awe, a reverence for the starry skies 
"I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore,  diverting myself in now & then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."
--Like an 'undiscovered country'...or, was he feelin' 'final frontier's row, row, row your boat'?
Seems like ultimately, much of the experience is about marveling at the planetary rarity  that is H2O .
(the undiscovered country plotline also might be his reasoning for signing on to that other program decision he made recently maybe that raised some brows? but how does that turnout?)
with no shade -but a need for compare-contrast and a noting of the difference between things, including the diff in the reportage then and now, see from Nov 1998:

 John Glenn's entire interview with Cronkite  in 1998- CNN via YouTube

"What John Glenn Told National Geographic In His Last Interview-
"Someday we will land on Mars," Glenn said in his final days. "That will have us united as a country.”

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