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Thursday, January 27, 2022

"Requests of UC" vs "Require of CSU and CCC" on Title IX case handling in CA Leg Workgroup news. More.

another "working group" and survey and "requests approach to UC -and 'CA funding if any costs' of which UC will certainly claim-- but does it solve the problem in the case handling? No.
 "The Chancellor of the California Community Colleges, the Chancellor of the California State University, and the President of the University of California shall convene a campus climate and sexual misconduct survey workgroup. The campus climate and sexual misconduct survey workgroup shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following members:"..."Upon receipt of the campus climate and sexual misconduct survey, the California Community Colleges and the California State University shall, and the University of California is requested to, do both of the following:..." 
 Consider that handling in light of the latest at UCLA womens' gymnastics team as discussed in a convo moderated by Amanda Seales,yes, the same woman who had many folks in a much needed state of laughing their asses off as she brought comedy to hosting the online BET awards at the very beginning of the pandemic (when awards shows had to go online and most of them were badly produced, boring). In this talk she brings wit and asks questions and gets answers ...What the UCLA student gymnasts describe are a set of serious UC admin problems more involved than just a problem with one fellow teammate:
-- They claim UC uses Black athletes specifically Black women athletes as virtue signals on camera but behind the scenes out of view it is an entirely different story- and other issues detailed out. Claims of racism and lack of handbook policy to address it, unequal punishments, false accusations, hazing, bullying, suicidal ideation, mental health disparities in UCLA treatment responses, unequal treatment responses by coaching staff and directors. Even allusions to 'the twisties' as covered in the recent Olympics  comes up. The last ten minutes gets into an important exchange about the 'legacy of the university, legacy of UCLA'  discussed as a mindset/indoctrination vs the care of the individual spirit and well-being exchange important to hear. (It runs the full hour with about three commercial breaks) 
LSU , the school where one of the athletes transferred to is developing its own narrative of what happened and UCLA is silent on all of it- including silent on what may or may not be accurate, factual.
The UCLA gymnasts want an investigation;  a review of Title IX aspects in it; and a report of findings.

and then also consider it in light of this handling by some UC regents of another issue at UCLA:
"University of California (UC) Board of Regents members Jonathan Sures and Sherry Lansing called the UCLA Asian-American Studies (AAS) Department’s May 2021 statement accusing Israel of “yellow-washing” as being “inappropriate” during a January 18 meeting."...
"Sures said during the January 18 meeting regarding the AAS statement: “I don’t think it’s appropriate that people are allowed to use university websites to make political statements. So I’m wondering, are we going to address it? I think it’s wrong. I think it is a violation of policy.” He asked if the regents should look into forming a working group “to define the policy so we know where we stand on this particular issue.” Lansing echoed Sures’ concerns. “We do have a policy on antisemitism… and I think this violates that.”
-that targeting of a particular dept as we also are hearing new reports of numbers on :  
- we implore the regents, on this particular day of remembrance, that those who view themselves as "allies" of multiple underrepresented groups behave more like it, particularly when they have a role of oversight over and responsibility for UC.
-- The UC regents are not handling this type of topic with the care it deserves. Normally, the issue they comment on needs to be more than one occurrence in one acad dept. If it is deemed a systemwide matter all the regents vote on how to proceed in looking into it. Then UC systemwide resources are put into it , read expensive. Then facts and findings arrived at and reported out. Not what happened detailed above regent handling.  The UC regents frequently leave public comments unresponded to entirely - Historically, as a practice they even leave the room or zoom discussion in the middle of them or only arrive to the regents' meeting after public comments are made. For them to suddenly respond to this "in particular" set of public comments with their UC regental conclusions seems a poor and unequal treatment of public comments and the topic at hand.

"I don’t think it’s appropriate that people are allowed to use university websites to make political statements" check out how some will say UC points to political positions content on their sites here:
- this is why those sorts of regents comments by some regents need to be informed by shared governance and policy and full regental discussion under regents rules just like other topics etc
"California's Assembly Higher Education Committee chairman reflects on last term
Jose Medina's education priorities include co-sponsoring bill to increase funding for college housing"
on Cal grant proposed increase, CalBright status, ethnic studies more.
it also talks about that  $5 Billion plan - B as in Axe, Bobby Axelrod:
 "Free College for Californians Moves Closer to Becoming Reality"
 about: "Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s (D-South Los Angeles) Assembly Bill (AB) 295, which sets in motion a plan to provide free college to California students, was approved by the Assembly Higher Education Committee with a 9-1 vote."
There is this from some personnel out of UCSF:
this article notes that  UCSC has been in person since Jan 18th and gives updates on other higher ed approaches : 
"UC-Berkeley, Santa Clara University resume in-person Monday"
  So, we offer here-as some of those in higher ed use the term "post pandemic" when we have not been told there is a "post-pandemic" on the horizon -and still 2,300+ avg lost each week to Covid still...
-There was this hearing from November 3, 2021 helpful to see the learning outcomes etc discussion include CSU and community colleges experiences - see:

Informational Hearing of the

Assembly Committee on Higher Education

Assembly Member José Medina, Chair

The Impact and Response of COVID -19 on Postsecondary Education in Year Two

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

1:30 p.m.; State Capitol, Room 4202

I. Opening Remarks
Chairs José Medina
 Committee Members and Kevin McCarty
II. Normalizing the Return to Campus, the Segments’ Response to Safety, Health, and Economic
concerns in the Post-Pandemic Era.
 Dr. Michael Brown, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs of the University of California at about the 10:00 minute mark to 37:00 minute mark and in  Q and A

 Dr. Sylvia Alva, Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs for the California State University

  Dr. Daisy Gonzales, Acting Chancellor of the California Community Colleges

 Alex Graves, Vice President for Government Relations, Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities
III. The Post-Pandemic Future of Higher Education: How can WE recover with Equity?

 Dolores M. Davison, President, Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
 (he's a "Dr." too - Professor  but they left it off thispart  of agenda panel) Robert Horwitz, Chair of the University of California Systemwide Academic Senate
at the 1:43:00-1:53:00 presentation by phone 
 Gerardo Chavez, President, Student Senate for California Community Colleges

 Krishan Malhotra, Vice President of Legislative Affairs for the California State Student Association
 Lawrence (Steven) Dorsey III, President of the Student Association of La Sierra University
It looks like many committee leadership positions might be changing so see:

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