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Saturday, May 14, 2022

What is it with 'higher ed vice presidents of student affairs'?

 keep in mind that White, Castro, Sakaki moved over to the CSU system after several years at UC -  while reading, today's:

"CSU treats sex harassment claims inconsistently - Los Angeles Times

The four were all high-ranking men at different California State University campuses — three were vice presidents for student affairs."

- that headline does not make it clear that Sakaki was also a VP of student affairs - in fact a long term one at UC... 

-Check out what is detailed out now in that article about how Sakaki handled the 'Cal State -Channel Islands' origins case once it was at Sonoma State. Compare it w/ when Sakaki makes statements where she claims she is being treated differently from men etc. :" reject the suggestion that I, unlike my male counterparts, should have my career on the line because of alleged actions of my spouse." -- It gives it some new meaning, sheds more light...As in conveying a notion that: she was part of the machine that never puts 'careers on the line for harassment or retaliation allegations, offenses' - but she imposed on Vollendorf those very same type of sanctions in response to when Vollendorf made Title IX allegations against Sakaki's husband along with the whistleblower type allegations about university's $90K of artwork that was destroyed while displayed by Sakaki off campus (against the donor's wishes, specifications ) etc - That's what appears to be illustrated in the LA Times piece out today.

see specifically in this section of the article out today by LATimes, the section where it details:

 the campus’ founding vice president for student affairs.

..."But shortly after Sawyer was appointed to the same position at Sonoma State in early 2018, his former campus launched an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment after a woman came forward with complaints.

Channel Islands hired an outside firm to investigate. Sawyer was on medical leave for some time during the investigation but was otherwise allowed to return to work on the Sonoma campus, the records show.

Witnesses alleged conduct that crossed the professional line. One woman said Sawyer once tossed a Victoria’s Secret catalog onto her desk and, referring to a page displaying thong underwear, asked if she wore that type of lingerie, the records show.

Sawyer denied sexually harassing women or acting inappropriately. In an email to a Times reporter, he called the allegations “baseless” but declined further comment about the complaints.

The investigation concluded that Sawyer engaged in inappropriate behavior with two women on campus, including giving unwelcome hugs, calling one “feisty,” “spicy” and “sassy” and looking at her in a way she perceived as sexual, the records show.

After reviewing the investigation’s findings, records show, Channel Islands officials determined that Sawyer’s conduct was unprofessional but did not amount to sexual harassment because it “did not rise to the level of being so severe and pervasive.”

Sawyer received no discipline. Sakaki communicated her expectations of him, a campus spokesperson said, but did not require him to undergo corrective action, such as counseling or executive coaching.


Now,  remember: https://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/news/600k-settlement-paid-to-former-top-sonoma-state-university-administrator-o/

“Immediately upon being spoken to, President Sakaki began a campaign of retaliation against Dr. Vollendorf,” the former provost said in her claim.

That included limiting the scope of Vollendorf’s job responsibilities at Sonoma State and requiring her to undergo “inappropriate and unprofessional therapeutic ‘coaching’ by an untrained therapist.”

Vollendorf said she was “forced to leave her position as SSU provost, rather than continue to be subjected to this hostile and retaliatory behavior. And yet, Sakaki’s retaliation continued.”

-Was Vollendorf aware of the extent to which apparently she was being treated so differently from how Sakaki handled the Sawyer case at Sonoma State?

--The case handling disparities among respondents is notable - but also it needs to be remembered the disparity in treatment between complainants and respondents in it as the thing to always circle back to. 


on Academic Senate shared governance votes of no confidence - which run kind of parallel to lack of truthfulness in US Sen hearings from SCOTUS nominees- 'they are of no consequence?':

"Sonoma State President Sakaki faces even steeper uphill battle after Sens. Dodd, McGuire ask her to step down"


and as mentioned earlier:


well, of no consequence until other stuff comes up...and then things tilt to pear-shaped which is not such a great thing to do to a campus- if one cares about it.


Then again, the 'toss-up?' LA Mayor race and USC's Title IX scandals as an example :

of course there is the history of : that Tang Center at UC Berkeley case involving: a former Bass staffer "

" parents say their son - a former intern for Los Angeles-area Congresswoman and former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass - suffered psychological damage in addition to the physical abuse he suffered at the hands of Dr." - but have not heard Bass talk much about Title IX since that time - but maybe she does that local to L.A. only...?

and compare to:



it even meets up with Varsity Blues Admissions Scandal:

...Instagram star who had bragged about going to school only for parties, found out she’d become the wrong kind of famous while sunning in the Bahamas on a $100 million yacht. The vessel belonged to Rick Caruso, the billionaire owner of the Grove retail center and chairman of USC’s board of trustees."


"Alito’s draft opinion rests on a pre-Title IX mindset" - The Washington Posthttps://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2022/05/13/title-ix-roe-v-wade/

 "What could have stopped a too-aggressive local prosecutor from saying that an LSU player (or her coaches) jeopardized a fetus’s health by competing in a contact sport while six weeks pregnant? Nothing. This is where Alito’s draft takes us." ...

and this takes up Title VII in it:




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