"If the University were a business, it would likely be the largest corporation in California."

Monday, October 3, 2022

California State University System Is Largest Public Higher Ed System in U.S - Here is how they handle Title IX cases in 2022:

(See --USA Today their  scoops investigative reports throughout Spring)

now this : "CSU chancellor mishandled administrator's sexual harassment, review finds"


yep, keep in mind:..."The board separately hired law firm Cozen O'Connor to conduct a "comprehensive systemwide assessment" of Title IX practices across the CSU system, and state lawmakers authorized a legislative audit of Title IX and human resources practices at multiple CSU campuses, including Fresno. Those assessments are ongoing."...

FYI #2: At CSU the "chancellor" title is the systemwide head and 'president" title is the campus level leadership,-- it is the reverse at UC.

and #3 the below also involves some (separate system) former University of California execs...

see the ten page report put out last week:


and some coverage of it:

"Former Cal State chancellor displayed ‘blind spot’ to complaints of sexual harassment at Fresno State, report says" | EdSource



..."The report also said Castro, president of the Fresno campus between 2013 and 2020, “consistently did not take any significant action against but instead supported Lamas throughout his employment even in the face of multiple allegations, growing evidence, and ultimately, confirmed findings of Lamas’ alleged misconduct.”

and CSU actions as a result:

"Ex-CSU Chancellor to teach at Cal Poly - "He will be teaching leadership and public policy in the management, human resources and information systems concentration of the business college." | EdSource


and in it:

..."Last week, Castro told EdSource that he learned “many lessons” from how he handled the sexual harassment complaints at Fresno State. He also said he looked forward to sharing those lessons publicly to “assist higher education leaders and governing board members across the nation who face similar personnel matters.” 

- so the effects of this handling might be more wide ranging outside the CSU system...

Castro has previously served in such a role at UC where he was also a student and is an alum- is UC-OP or UC going to rely on him as an expert on such matters in the future? 

LA Times also:

"Ex-CSU chancellor didn't handle allegations at Fresno State" - Los Angeles Times



..."In a statement Thursday afternoon, Castro disputed the report’s findings, saying he had made decisions on sexual harassment and equity issues based on the advice of the previous chancellor and CSU’s general counsel, among others. He noted that Lamas had a contract that would have allowed him to return to a lifetime faculty position on campus even after an investigation concluded there was evidence of wrongdoing.

“I have been a steadfast champion for gender equity throughout my career and will redouble my efforts in this important area going forward,” Castro said


"Lamas, who has denied the allegations against him, questioned the thoroughness of the recent report.

“Employing the same investigator as did the original investigation just reinforces the bias, one sidedness and unjust investigations conducted by the CSU,” he told The Times."

"They really dropped the ball,” said Shulz, who worked under Lamas in the campus Cross-Cultural and Gender Center. “It upholds this narrative that this is at Castro’s feet and he [alone] wasresponsible.”

The report’s findings appear to contradict information that CSU‘s general counsel provided to the 25-member board of trustees in an email the morning the Lamas settlement was disclosed by USA Today.

“The matter was handled properly and in compliance with our policies,” General Counsel Andrew Jones said in a Feb. 3 email to the trustees, informing them that the chancellor’s office was involved in the controversial settlement. “All of this was done in consultation with then-Chancellor [Timothy P. ] White, per the Board’s standing orders.

-T. White is the last former long term chancellor of UC Riverside ...

and ..."Wegner’s report did not examine the role that the chancellor’s office in Long Beach played in helping guide Castro as he navigated the campus controversy."..."Wegner’s report did not examine the role that the chancellor’s office in Long Beach played in helping guide Castro as he navigated the campus controversy."

and claims at CSU of a type of continued widespread easy to see cover up are circulating among various stakeholder groups...

Here is some additional coverage:


which includes:

..."“He will join Cal Poly as a 12-month employee with a monthly salary of $15,864,” Lazier said. “In Fall 2023, he will become an academic year instructional faculty member, with a salary of $165,564 per year.

"Resigned CSU Chancellor ignored sexual misconduct complaints. Now, he's set to teach at Cal Poly" - Mustang News


and at: https://collegian.csufresno.edu/2022/09/former-csu-chancellor-joseph-castro-to-teach-at-cal-poly-in-the-spring/

and Chron Higher Ed with:


The Merc can't get football off its mind:


includes the 'year after' $400+K sabbatical pay:

..."Per his settlement agreement with the CSU system, Castro received a salary of $401,000 and has been allowed to participate in a yearlong transition program that allows him to become a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he is tenured. He also was granted a six-month housing allowance valued at $47,002."

There is also this underway:

"California State University— Sexual Harassment Complaints — Executives, Faculty, and Staff

The audit by the California State Auditor will provide independently developed and verified information related to the California State University (CSU) system's handling of sexual harassment complaints involving executives, faculty, and staff at the Chancellor's Office, Fresno State, San José State, and Sonoma State. The audit's scope will include, but not be limited to, the following activities:"

-It seems to be understood that now that the above internally paid for and commissioned by CSU trustees' report is out --then CSA begins its work - but CSA don't state a 'report release date', yet. see:



Don't miss

CalMatters on it: here

and archive:


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