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"Cal" = UC Berkeley specifically, not UC system

University of Southern California (USC) is NOT a part of the UC system.

What is a Public Land Grant Institution? In higher education specifically- see this link as a simple overview start.

What is UC's constitutional autonomy? Please see page 23/26 here. and also see this

What is the Master Plan? Please see this link as an intro-- at around page 5.

What is UCOP? UC Office of the President headquarters located in Oakland, CA. Also, called "OP".

What are the UC Foundations?- in a word or two? Trustees and huge money!
UC Berkeley Foundation
UC Davis Foundation
UCSF Foundation
UC Merced Foundation

UC Irvine Foundation
UC Riverside Foundation
UC Santa Barbara Foundation
UCLA Foundation
UC San Diego Foundation

Who are the UC Regents? see:
How much are the UC Regents paid? Who are they? How long do they serve?

They are not paid -in some content links here you will begin to see their ties to investment banking; for profit online education; connections to the research of the university as it relates to each regent's individual profession and business; and their connections to certain leaders in Wash DC and Sacramento politics.
They serve 12 year appointments, they are appointed by the Governor and they do not have term limits. Currently, we have some UC Regents in their second 12 year term- that means they will serve as UC Regents for 24 or more years.
Here is a link to their bios according to UCOP.

*To find out more about these vacancies click on the tabs marked "vacant" on the home page of this blog.

Note: Ex Officio Regents have voting rights, designates have no voting rights.

Ex Officio Regents also are allowed to sit in on all parts of UC Regents meetings including closed sessions. Please read this article which includes detail on some Ex Officio Regents and their relationship to UC Regents: Public Research for Private Gain

Can I see the votes made by UC Regents?
The UC Regents do not post a roll call list of their votes detailing how each regent voted. You could perhaps make a public records request or a media inquiry or general inquiry for that information - that request should go to UCOP and the secretary to the regents.

Can I see the attendance records for UC Regents attendance at UC Regents meetings?
The UC Regents do not post a roll call list of their attendance detailing each regent's attendance. You could perhaps make a public records request or a media inquiry or general inquiry for that information to UCOP and the secretary to the regents.

Do staff or faculty get to serve as UC Regents?
The faculty have two "representatives" - they have NO voting rights.

The staff have "advisors to the regents": one active advisor and one designate. The staff advisor is appointed by the regents and not elected by staff and they have no voting rights.

Do students serve as UC Regents?
The student regent is appointed by other regents. The student regent is not elected by students. Elections are held on each campus and the students who win those elections are placed into a final pool of applicants for the UC Regents to consider when they appoint a student regent. The student regent is a voting member with a one year term. There is one student regent designate- also with a one year term- only the student regent may vote. UC Regents do not have a separate student regent for each undergrad, grad, professional level-- just one student regent for all of those classifications within the student population.

Can I watch a UC Regent meeting online? Yes, but there are: issues with the archive being maintained in a timely and proper manner, see this post for info and also search for other audio recordings of UC Regents meetings there as well. The: regents only maintain archive of their meetings for one year. Other higher ed systems frequently maintain their records in perpetuity or on an ongoing basis and post those archives.

For some other background on UC Regents and the Gov: At the March 2013 UC Regents Meeting Governor Brown said he has been reluctant to appoint new regents because he does not want to ruin the excellent chemistry between the existing regents. He also praised former Gov. Davis and former Gov. Schwarzenegger appointments to the board and said they were better regents than the UC regents Brown had to deal with in his first term as Governor in the 1970s. These statements are quite different from the statements he made in the article below. Please: see this article for these comments from Governor Jerry Brown: "I haven’t appointed anyone to the regents yet. Well, who should I appoint? That’s a good question. What are they going to do? I’ve appointed some people to the Cal State and I’ve appointed some interesting people on the state board and I’m looking, but what impact does that make? If you want to make change, can the state board make an impact? Can the CalState make an impact? Things are very conservative in how they run. Before when I used to go to the regents, I’d go armed and I was attacking. But it’s totally marginal. You can’t influence ... So now it takes more time, you’ve got to be more subtle, you need more allies. You need a long-term game plan. So, I have a longer term game plan than I had 30 years ago, even though I’ve got less time because I’m 74, I’m not 36. I’m thinking through how I can influence or move in a direction that take the more creative and more productive of the those values that I think are important. And those values with the university are truth, beauty … I also know these boards are not affected by one or two people, so there’s no rush. There are a lot of people I know. Blum I know, the lady who’se the president, she was the president of one of the movie studios. They’ve got people there. I’ve put in some people on Cal State that I know. I looked for people. I appointed a guy that was in the Jesuits with me. Just like on the OMI board I appointed three people who I went to high school with. Now, I know I can’t just take my old friends from the '50s and put them in positions. Actually, there’s two people who I knew from the seminary who left and went into the CIA. And I put one of them on OMI and I put one of them on Cal State. But I’m looking for different … But I know that three appointments can’t make (a difference). It really takes ten. But by the time you get to ten, and you listen to this group and that group, and I gotta take care of that and you have diversity and this influence person – by the time you get your ten people, they’re so different that you have no impact anyway. So this idea that you can influence by your appointees, you have to take care of all your various constituencies and then you end up replicating what is. And that’s why things don’t change very much. ***Now, I am more strategic now since I understand this better and I’m patiently looking for openings. I know that I don’t just want change for the sake of change because that’s superficial. If you want to do something that you know is good but is different, the last place you’re going to get it done is UC. The second to last place you’re going to get it done is Cal State. And the place more likely would be the community colleges, because they’re more flexible." 

Also,  see this Daily Cal article for more detail and: this article with background from the LA Times-

  What is the hierarchy of UC administrative leadership? see this link.

Do you have info on UC Chancellor home expenses, renovations etc.? See this story- esp. docs in side bar. and the list of stories in the right hand column on the home page.

  What is ASUC? The Associated Students of University of California - see this link

  What is UCSA? University of California Student Association - see this link

  What is the Academic Senate? See this link.

  What are the UC Faculty Associations? See this link.

  What are "The Labs"? Please see this link.

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